How to Develop a Steady Stream of Callers Who Pay You Per Call

As we become increasingly mobile, the great divide between mobile searches and calls is now diminishing. Thanks to the PayPerCall business model, customers can now search for services on their mobile phones and make a direct call to vendors. PayPerCall has made inbound calls lucrative again and quite profitable for businesses.

Inbound calls are today’s marketing stars, and here’s why—nothing beats a real conversation when developing relationships. Hearing a real person’s voice on the other line who can understand concerns and solve problems is way better. A phone call builds a real connection that can last profitably for many years. Words written on a mobile phone or computer screen don’t resonate as sincerely as spoken words.

As phone calls are important in building long term relationships, how you make these calls is just as important. How can a business gain a steady stream of paying customers through its calls? The answers are quite simple.

Be sincere

Phone calls are so effective because of the human aspect. And for phone calls to work, you need to sound genuine and sincere. Relax and smile when you talk because they will hear it in your voice. Think of them as your friend and treat them as such. Speak naturally.

Know what you’re good at and the value you can provide your callers

Know your stuff inside and out so there will be no room for errors on your part. Plan the points you want to communicate but don’t recite them like you’re reciting a script.

Be personal

One of the ways to build rapport over the phone is by using your customer’s name. This practice is highly recommended if you want to put a personal touch on your calls. Saying your customer’s first name can put him/her at ease and creates a connection between the two of you.

Mind your voice

Since you don’t see each other, you read each other through the sound and tone of your voice. Speak in a pleasant, clear and confident voice that is neither too fast nor too slow.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you can’t fully understand what the customer wants, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Insightful questions lead to clearer understanding. And the more you understand your customer, the more you can understand his/her needs.

Be respectful and hang up last

Hanging up too soon can be interpreted as rudeness. Cutting the conversation short and abruptly hanging up is a surefire way to lose a customer. So be polite and let them hang up first.

The phone is a great marketing tool. Use it wisely and consider it as a bridge for real conversations between you and your customers. Be kind, take your time to listen well, and be their friend during those few minutes.  Your customers will appreciate you more. If they’re happy with your service, they’ll call you again and even recommend you to friends. That’s how you can, slowly but surely, grow your inbound calls.

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