How to Charge for Phone Consultations

Time is valuable because it is limited. It doesn’t stop; the clock keeps ticking, and time we lose costs us money. What PayPerCall does is make it easy to monetize your time and effort. With great automation and some restructuring, we can set up your phone line and enable you to take lots of paid phone calls.

Consultants from various niches can benefit from running a phone line business because they are there to share their knowledge, experience, and advice with others. Whether you’re an IT, sales, career, HR, marketing, financial, or risk and compliance consultant – you can get paid for it.

The Value of Professional Consultation

The attention we can dedicate to studying a particular subject is limited, which means that people can only be experts in a few areas. Someone who has invested his time in becoming a top-notch programmer will still need to ask for legal or financial advice because, well, business is business.

If you’re a consultant, your services and ideas are most likely valuable to many. What you need to do is advertise and promote your business with an offer that will help you stand out. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people around the world pick up the phone to pay for live phone consultations. Many people are quite generous with their time or are simply afraid to charge. But understand that your time and expertise are precious, and there’s a way to use it to your benefit.

How to Charge for Consultations

First, you need an 800 pay per call number, and PayPerCall can help you with that. Next, you need to set up a corner in your home where you’ll receive calls (if you live with your family, preferably a dedicated, quiet room). On the other hand, if calls are redirected to your mobile, you could work from wherever you want as long as there’s a good phone signal. Furthermore, you need to choose whether you’ll charge a flat rate, by the minute, or a combination of those two. If you’re not sure how much to charge, we can help you come up with a competitive price.

PayPerCall will set up your phone line, and all you need is a functioning landline or mobile phone to take the calls. If your business starts growing and you can’t handle the work yourself, we can add more extensions. By hiring phone consultants to work for you, our lines can handle dozens of simultaneous calls at a time. The setup won’t take more than 24 hours, and your initial investment will not exceed $1,000.


Promotion is essential for increasing brand awareness, or in other words, letting people know about your business. Nowadays, brand recognition and marketing are a must for building a successful business. We will provide you with various online marketing tools and help you with our promotional support (free of charge).

PayPerCall provides a powerful and cost-effective service for those who want to launch a phone consulting business. We have a platform that manages the calls, puts a billing system in place, provides an easy-to-use admin panel, and gives real-time reports to keep track of your revenue. Contact PayPerCall to get more information on how to launch your phone consulting business.

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