How to Start a Phone Counseling Business

Do you have an existing counseling business that you want to complement with an option to conduct counseling over the phone? Or maybe you’ve decided to make phone counseling your core business as you recognize that traditional face-to-face counseling is slowly becoming a thing of the past? Are you looking to reach a lot more people nationwide compared to traditional local businesses?

You certainly wouldn’t be wrong to believe that. When it comes to people talking about their problems, it’s not uncommon for them to prefer to do it from the comfort of their own home where they feel safe and secure. This is especially the case for people struggling with their mental health, addiction, or stress. The last thing they may want to do is leave the house and face the world when they are feeling they’re most vulnerable. In fact, many people miss their counseling sessions altogether because it demands them to make the trip to the counselor’s office.

With the many forms of counseling that range from marriage, relationship, nutrition, grief, career, and so on; the reality is that all these can be successfully and effectively conducted over the phone.

The many perks of having your own phone counseling business apart from the pride you’ll have in helping others is that you can set your own hours, work virtually from anywhere, and you don’t need any special phone equipment. All you need is a phone line that receives calls.

Starting a telephone phone counseling business is easier than you think. With PayPerCall, set up is not only easy but we can even help you with a custom pay per call line based on your own ideas and content. Because your brand is unique, we’ll do their best to accommodate your growing business. Ultimately, we just want to help you unlock your pay per call earning potential with your phone counseling line business!

Getting your pay per call line started is simple. Just order from PayPerCall online or mail in the order form. The 800 Bill to Credit Card service can be set up within 24 hours from the time we receive your order. And you can choose between live or recorded calls. And some of the many features of 800 Bill to Credit Card is real-time billing and credit card authorization, managing calls in queue settings, customizing your greetings and prompts that are automatically played to callers, and so much more.

PayPerCall offer 3 type of billing plans to give you the flexibility to choose how to bill your callers:

  1. Per Minute Billing
  2. Flat Rate Billing
  3. Combo Per Minute and Flat Rate Billing

Once your pay per call line is set up, you can start promoting your business. PayPerCall even has a team of support experts who can assist you with advertising your business. They’ll show you how to leverage free online advertising and tools to promote on publications and online effectively.

We encourage you to have fun with your marketing! Be creative and get your brand out there. And if you need any help, remember that we’re here to make sure you succeed.  Being a Phone Counselor can be an extremely profitable business!

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