Pay Per Call Lines – The Perfect Revenue Stream for Social Media

In a world where everyone is putting omnichannel communication strategies in place, Pay Per Call remains popular as one of the best offline communication channels. What a personal phone call brings to the table is the real-time, live, and personalized communication. If you’re building your brand on social media and have a social media-based business, then adding a Pay Per Call line your customers or fans can call is an excellent way to add another communication channel and earn some more money.

Pay Per Call is Trackable

Tracking the performance and success of your digital marketing endeavors in essential in today’s digital business. It’s important because the numbers can show you what’s going on – how much calls you received, how much money you made, how many returning callers are there, and so on. PayPerCall enables you to monitor your revenue and calls online and get real-time and accurate data about your phone line.

No Need for Special Equipment

If you’ve based your business on providing services via social media, then you probably only need your computer to do work. To start using Pay Per Call, you won’t need any special equipment to receive calls. Your job is to add the number to your social media accounts, promote it with pure content marketing, and wait for the callers to start dialing.

Everything is Taken Care Of

Phone line maintenance, billing, line security, programming, and support – PayPerCall takes care of everything and pays you out every month. There is no need for you to go through any extra costs and hassles of obtaining a merchant account. Our servers are backed up every day and secured, so you’ll have your peace of mind when it comes to your Pay Per Call phone line. The telephone programs we provide are more than capable of handling all your traffic needs.

As for the billing, the callers are prompted to enter their card information, and once we verify the funds and obtain preauthorization, we forward the call for you. After the call completes, we will finalize the transaction by calculating the total minutes and billing the caller.

Pay-per-call or Pay-per-minute?

You decide how to bill customers as well as how much. There are two options – to charge callers per call or per minute. Our billing plans range $0.99-$5.99 per minute and $10-$50 per call. By researching and providing you with the competitive call prices in your industry, we’ll help you determine the right amount and model to fit your needs as well as a hypothetical earning potential.

Have questions?

For more information or to order your Pay Per Call phone line, feel free to contact PayPerCall.

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