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How to Set Up a Phone Line that Charges

Did you realize your can earn money from a phone line that charges your callers automatically?

When your friends need help or advice, they might take you out for a cup of coffee or lunch for a friendly chat. And that’s okay. Those are your close friends we are talking about. It’s free advice for the people you care for most. But then you noticed that the word spread. Soon, your friend’s friends and acquaintances started calling you for a cup of coffee. And if you barely know them, there is no reason not to charge them for your time and expertise.

If launching a pay per call business hasn’t crossed your mind yet, let us give you a hand we are the experts in the field and have more experience than any other company. With your own 800 PayPerCall number, you can receive calls, talk to those who need advice or guidance, and charge per call or per minute. PayPerCall is a company that pioneered a secure and low-cost system for handling calls and charging our clients’ callers. We can show you how to generate lots of calls, and get the phone ringing when those callers call in again to pay for your services.

How to Get a Unique Phone Line and Charge for Calls

For the time you are giving to those in need, you can charge and get yourself an excellent source of side incom,e or build a full time business from scratch. The PayPerCall industry is extremely lucrative. With a pay per call phone line, you create a direct line of communication with your clients who receive instant access to valuable information and services you can provide. The service, or services you provide is completely up to you. You can decide if you want to bill people for live calls, or for pre-recorded audio, or both. Browsing the Internet for a piece of information is one thing, but receiving guidance from a person who has tons of experience and expertise is a whole different thing. People want to pay for advice, and that’s why the industry is so profitable!

First, decide on the type of pay per call phone business you would like to start.

Next, decide what price you would like to charge for you calls (the most common rate is $2.99 per minute).

You can estimate your Pay Per Call earnings potential.

We Send You the Profit Every Month

On the 25th of each month, PayPerCall sends you the money by direct deposit, or PayPal for the money earned for the previous month. A portion of your profit goes to your service provider (PayPerCall), and we also pay the phone company for monthly phone line maintenance which is usually $50 or $70 depending on which package you select when you order. You’ll have detailed real-time reports of every call to your line, and how much you earned on each call.

With top-of-the-line technology, PayPerCall handles everything from phone line set up and billing to promotion. The marketing tools we provide our clients are designed to help them build brand awareness and recognition, and attract more callers to grow their phone line business. For more information on how to get started, feel free to contact PayPerCall.

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