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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to give you as much information
as possible before ordering one of our pay per call phone numbers.

How does your 800 Bill to Credit Card package work?


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With our 800 Bill to Credit Card package, callers will dial a dedicated 800 number which we provide and setup for you. It's not a standard 800 number you get with the phone company as our Pay Per Call platform will automatically bill every caller directly to their Credit Card or Debit Card at the price per minute or price per call that you set. All major credit / debit cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover and we provide the merchant processing so you don't need to obtain one with your bank. Callers will first listen to your custom greeting which you can record which tells them about your service, and then they will be prompted to enter their payment information. Our 800 Bill to Credit Card can be configured to work as a LIVE line so callers can speak with you, or your operators, or it can be configured as RECORDED where callers will pay to listen to your recorded content. Our service works with all phones with no restrictions or blocked calls.

Why are 900 numbers no longer offered in the United States?


Effective June 30, 2013, ALL phone companies will no longer offer 900 number pay per call programs in the United States. However, there are many advantages to having your business set up with an 800 Pay Per Call Line. Our company has been successfully offering our 800 Bill to Credit Card service for many years to thousands of clients.

  • Higher profits - Customers spend 2-3 times more money when they bill calls to a Credit or Debit card. Callers can use credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover)
  • Large Market Share - 800 Pay Per Call lines are a thriving and lucrative business for many companies which has accounted for over 95% of the calls we billed this year.
  • No Restrictions or Blocked calls - Access from ALL cell phones and landlines
  • Low Chargeback Risk
  • Build a Strong Brand - 800 Pay Per Call lines have a positive brand image - The stigma of the early 900 programs were long lasting in many peoples minds and kept them away from the 900 number industry.
  • Real-Time Call Reporting - via the web so you can track entire process.
  • Increased Call CapacityCan handle up to 99 calls simultaneously, with the ability to expand as needs arise.
  • Online Control Panel - Set your forwarding numbers, hours of operation and pricing easily.

If you have any additional questions about starting your own 800 pay per call line contact us or click here for more information!

Do you need to get a new phone line for you 800 Bill to Credit Card line?


No, you don't necessarily need to go through the expense of opening a new local phone line or cell phone unless you want to have your pay per call line answered on a completely separate phone line. You can also change your forwarding number anytime through your online control panel with us should you decide later to switch where calls are routed.

With we make it easy for you to distinguish personal calls from your pay per call business calls:

  • Your Caller ID will show your 800/888 of your line with us when calls are forwarded to your local number.
  • You will also hear “You have a paid call coming in, Press 1 to Accept the Call” so you'll know for sure when you’re getting paid for incoming calls.

What is the difference between a LIVE line and a RECORDED line?


LIVE - You, or your operators will answer the phone and speak to your callers live. We will forward all paid calls to any telephone number in the US (including cell phones). You DO NOT need any special phone equipment

RECORDED - Callers will be able to listen to your pre-recorded content. No special phone equipment, or phone lines are needed. Callers will have up to 5 menu options should you desire to give them multiple options when listening to your content. You will be able to change your recordings as often as you would like free of charge.

What are my billing options?


We offer 3 types of billing plans:

  • Per Minute Billing - Callers are charged a certain dollar amount for each minute they stay on the phone.
  • Flat Rate Billing - Callers are charged one flat rate for the entire call, no matter how long the call lasts for.
  • Combo Per Minute and Flat Rate Billing (available for 800 Bill to Credit Card package only) - Callers are charged a combination of a per minute basis and a flat rate.

When I order a pay per call number package, how long does the line belong to me?


Your dedicated line will belong to you for as long as you use our service and pay the monthly maintenance fee.

Are there any additional monthly, or hidden fees?


There is a one-time setup cost, and monthly maintenance fee. There are no long term commitments, and you may cancel your line anytime with no penalties or additional costs. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

How much will I earn per call?


That depends on the billing plan that you choose. You have two choices, you may select a billing plan that charges between $.99 and $5.99 per minute, or $10 to $50 per call on a flat basis. Your payout will vary depending on the billing plan chosen when you purchase your 800 or 900 line from us.

For detailed payout rates on 800 Bill to Credit Card, click here. For a detailed earnings projection calculator, click here.

How are taxes handled?


If you are from the US, at the end of the year we will send you a 1099-Misc form so you can report your earnings as ordinary income. If you are outside the US your income will not be reported and no form is needed.

Do I need expensive equipment to update and maintain my line?


No, with you'll never need equipment to operate your business. For our Live lines, we forward all calls to any phone number in the US (including cell phones), for you or your operators to answer. For our Recorded line, our equipment handles all incoming calls. Each of our lines can handle up to 99 simultaneous calls at a time.

I am interested in setting up a pay per call line with my own ideas and content. Can you accomodate this?


Yes, we have setup thousands of custom pay per call lines for our clients based on their ideas and/or content. We understand that your idea and brand is unique, so it's all about helping you grow your business. We simply want to help you bill your callers as that's what we do best!

How do I promote my pay per call line?


Our expert support team will fully assist you with all your promotion and advertising needs. We will also be including free online advertising methods, and tools which will show you how to effectively promote in newspapers, magazines and the internet. As the owner you have complete control over the success, and profitability of your pay per call line. By promoting your line effectively, and using different methods you will be able to attract many people to call your line.

When and How do I get paid? What kind of reporting do you offer, and How do I keep track of all my calls?


Payment is made on a 30 day pay cycle by check or direct deposit, on the 25th of the month. As a line owner we provide you with detailed online daily call count reports, so you know exactly how many calls you've received to your line, and how much money you are making. A monthly statement is also included with each check which gives you a complete breakdown of your lines activity.

Do your 900/800 lines work in Canada or internationally?


Our lines work in US and Canada only. Some clients reports that international callers have dialed their 800 Bill to Credit Card lines which will work as long as they can dial a US 800 number from their country.

Our 800 Bill to Credit Card service works for US and Canadian callers.

Our 800 Bill to Credit Card International service is available specifically for United Kingdom or Australia calls only. These calls are billed in USD funds, and converted automatically to the currency of the country the caller is dialing from.

Our Canadian 900 Number service works for Canadian callers only.

How long does it take to setup my pay per call line?


For our 800 Bill to Credit Card service we will set you up in 24 hours from the time we receive your order.

For our 900 Canadian Bill to Phone Bill service we will set you up in 5-7 business days from the time we receive your order

How do I get my pay per call line started?


For fastest setup order securely online or print the order form and mail it in.
We accept credit cards, money orders, and checks. Your order will be processed immediately. You can begin as soon as your line is setup.

If you should have any additional questions, please contact us by email:

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