How to Turn Your Telephone Calls into Profits

If you found out that your business was just giving away one of its most profitable products, would you just sit by idly while you lost large sums of money?  Of course not!  That’s why it’s so surprising to see so many businesses providing essential services and information over the phone without charging a single dime!  You want your business to be accessible, of course, and to this end you may certainly wish to have a free number for basic information and inquiries–but if your representatives are providing in depth assistance, information, tutorials, advice, etc, you may wish to seriously consider monetizing those valuable services. specializes in helping individuals and businesses charge for the services they provide over the phone.  Call us old fashioned, but we believe that people deserve to be paid we;; for the work they do–and with over eighteen years of experience, we feel pretty confident that we’re the right team for that job.  Our unique system features a variety of benefits such as flexible payment options, set-your-own-rate pricing, adaptable caller queues, online call monitoring, and much more!

Here are a few quick examples of Pay Per Call businesses that could consider working with us:

Advice Lines. Giving advice to others by phone has been a proven way to make money on giving input to others who need it. Due to the repeat nature of advice lines, the earnings potential has been extremely lucrative.

Adult LinesAdult lines have had a great track record for profits year after year. While one would think it’s only about sexual fantasies, many of our most profitable adult lines have a high repeat call rate due to the fact that Adult Lines often serve people who are lonely, and simply want someone to talk to.

Psychic lines. Much like law firms, psychics generally charge a fee in order to offer their customers insights–phone lines allow a great opportunity for expansion; and now offers a great way to realize that potential.

Legal. For many law firms, legal consultations are the main source of income.  Why not offer yourself the ability to conduct legal consultations remotely while still earning the money you deserve? We can help!

Technical Support.  Technical support teams offer an invaluable resource to the world–and we think that they ought to get paid for doing so!  Using our phone billing platform for your technical support firm can charge flat rates or by-the-minute in order to help your customers while also helping yourself!

This is, of course, just a very brief list of companies that could potentially benefit from the system.  Check out our website for a more complete list, or contact us today for more information!

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