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How First Time Caller Pricing Can Help You Make More Money

Do you want to draw the attention of new callers and expand your list of frequent callers?

Whether you’re a life coach, a psychic, or a phone sex operator with a pay per call business, you can attract more callers and make more money by using PayPerCall’s First Time Caller feature. It allows you to set special promotional pricing for your first-time callers and can help you boost your pay per call business’s earning potential.

Here’s how…

Imagine having the ability to entice your new callers with a reason to talk to you for longer by offering them a lower price or several free minute when they call you for the first time? People in general love knowing that they’re not paying full price for something. And when people see that they’ll be paying less than what they ordinarily would, they’ll naturally be compelled and not want to miss out on the opportunity.

You can set your First Time Caller pricing to any amount. It could either be a  low per minute rate that they simply cannot resist or a flat rate for a fixed amount of time. Alternatively, you could even give First Time Callers free minutes.

The best part is that our system is smart enough to know when they call back for repeat calls. And when they do, they’ll no longer be paying the special rate but your default set pricing. Caller ID allows us to determine if they’re a first time or a repeat caller. And depending on which one they are, they’ll hear either your First Time Caller or your frequent caller greeting.

And before you argue that a single person might take advantage of the First Time Caller pricing by using a different number every time they call just so they always register as a first-time caller, think about how that doesn’t change the fact that you are still earning each time they call. It also validates that your services are sought after and that you’ve got a fan who, albeit a cheap one, cannot do without you and goes to great lengths just to speak to you…even if it is at what they believe is a bargain price.

And if the thought of someone who is trying to cheat the system irks you, be strategic about your pricing for first-time callers so you don’t feel like you’re being taken advantage of. After all, with PayPerCall, you have the flexibility to choose per minute or Flat Rate calling plans; you can even pick a combination of both. And as mentioned, you could propose free minutes.

So by offering your first time callers something small, you’ve given them an even bigger reason to stay on the call longer. And as we all know, that first meeting is crucial, allowing you more time to lock them in as frequent callers. So start thinking about your First Time Calling greeting and pricing today!  First time caller pricing is a great way to increase your Pay Per Call earnings potential!

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