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Charge for Your Calls and Go International

Phone communication is still going strong as one of the top offline communication channels. Going digital requires businesses to take an omnichannel approach to communication with consumers. That way, consumers can interact with a company via the channel of their preference. But still today, nothing beats a phone call. It is the best type of personalized, real-time, and live conversation.

Are you a life coach? Maybe a consultant, psychic reader, or legal advisor? If you do give some kind of advice and are exceptionally good at it, then you should consider setting up your 800 Pay Per Call number and start charging for your expertise and advice.

Charging for Phone Calls is very profitable

PayPerCall is a company known for its great service, customer care, patience, and speed of delivery. We have developed a one-of-a-kind system that enables our clients to run a phone line from their homes and get paid for it. PayPerCall is only a phone call away – when you sign up for a PayPerCall phone line, it will take us about 24 hours for us to get you setup. It means that you can start earning by tomorrow or even sooner! With only an initial setup cost of $599 and a monthly maintenance fee, there’s no need to worry about anything else. We take care of the support, maintenance, security, billing, and programming.

Here’s How you Get Paid

Whenever someone calls your line, the caller is prompted to enter their payment information (debit or credit card number). Once the funds are verified, the call gets forwarded to you, and the transaction is finalized the moment you end the call. After calculating the exact price of the call, we bill the caller to finalize the transaction.

Can I Go International?

We offer you the option of applying for an international pay per call phone line. If you want to set up a dedicated number in the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Ireland, or Australia, you’ll get it! But before you do it, we suggest you research the demographics of your audience. With PayPerCall, your phone line will have a global outreach.

When marketing your new phone line business, it is important to collect data on your calls to find out where your callers come from, how many calls you received last month, what your revenue is, and how many of your callers are returning. You can track your calls and revenue via our software, staying on top of your business endeavors.

Many ways to Charge For your Calls

Pay per call? Pay per minute? Or charge for pre-recorded messages? This business model is the result of decades of experience in the phone line business and can be applied to any industry. We provide a myriad of options to clients who are ready to start charging for their advice.

Getting a dedicated phone number and charging for phone calls is that easy. And in case of sudden growth, we can set you up with up to 99 extensions in just a few hours, our telephone billing platform can handle very high traffic as you expand.

Contact PayPerCall and find out more about how to charge for phone calls, you can order online for fastest setup.


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