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7 Reasons Why Pay Per Call Lines Are the Best Business to Set Up

The world is more connected now more than ever. In fact, 95% of Americans own a cellphone of some kind. And with the vast majority of people with mobile phone access, that means that there’s a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money by starting a pay per call line business. With a Pay Per Call line, you have an easy way to deliver the valuable information you already have or phone skills and get paid for it.

Here are 7 reasons why you should set up a Pay Per Call line business today:

  1. Run Your Business From Anywhere

The “digital nomad” lifestyle is trending particularly for those who don’t want to be stuck within the confines of the 9 to 5 conventional work structure. With a Pay Per Call business, you are the product and therefore, your business is wherever you are. Whether you are a relationship therapist, advisor, life coach or  a phone sex operator, you can conduct sessions and fulfill fantasies from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose.

  1. Set Your Own Hours

You’re the boss and this means having the power to schedule your own day. You can live your life as you want. Take calls during the hours you choose and be in complete charge of how your business is run.

  1. Choose the Size of Your Business

You can work solo, or you can hire operators to take calls. It’s entirely up to you. If you are a life coach, then it’s probably best that you handle the calls so that you can secure the integrity of your brand. However, if you are running an adult line business, you can start to accept more clients if you hire more operators.

  1. Easy to Promote

Promoting your Pay Per Call line couldn’t be easier. Thanks to social media, there are plenty of free ways to get the word out. Post on Facebook and send out tweets. Build a following and expand your reach. You can also advertise on online classified or directories. Start a blog and don’t forget to add a call to action that includes a call button.

  1. Fast Setup

With, setup only takes 24 hours. That means that could already be in business and making money within 24 hours from when you order your line. Guaranteed.

  1. Low-Cost Setup

You don’t need expensive equipment to set up and maintain your line. For live lines, your calls can be forwarded to any US phone number of your choosing, and that includes your mobile phone. And if you need a recorded line, your pay per call provider will have equipment that will handle all incoming calls. You can get started for as little as only $599.

  1. Billing Options

One of the best things about having a par per call line business is choosing how to make money. You can choose ‘pay per minute’ billing where your callers are charged the amount you specify for each minute they on the call. You can charge a flat rate for the entire call regardless how long the call lasts for. Or you can do combo per minute and flat rate billing.

Are you ready to start your own pay per call business with PayPerCall? Once it’s all set up, your dedicated line will belong to you for as long as you use our service and pay the monthly maintenance fee. Click here to get started.

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