5 Profitable Ideas for Pre-Recorded Audio Pay Per Call Lines

A pre-recorded audio Pay Per Call line allows your callers to listen to your valuable pre-recorded content. If you want to set up a phone line to make some additional profit, but can’t spend much of your time waiting for and responding to calls, then this type of Pay Per Call line may be the best option for you. Take a look at some of the most profitable ideas for pre-recorded audio Pay Per Call lines.


  • Sports Handicapping Picks


People have been betting on event outcomes for thousands of years, and sports betting websites reports that their Sports Betting Picks site pages are among the most popular. As an expert in sport and betting, you may find yourself qualified to contribute with your sports bet handicapping advice. With a pre-recorded audio Pay Per Call line, you can update your sports picks recordings for that day’s matches. Also, you can scale your business by hiring different sports experts dedicated to different leagues, and give out picks with a solid winning percentage.


  • Investment Opportunities


Investment advisors have an opportunity to launch their pre-recorded investment opportunities phone line to provide guidance or recommendations for making investments. Your callers will be reaching out to you for advice on what to invest in, whether to buy mutual funds or stocks and the risks associated with each investment. There are vast amounts of investment opportunities available, and your callers wouldn’t like to make the wrong one and lose their money.


  • Business Advice and Ideas


People are launching new startups every day, and those who are not business-savvy need guidance. Business advisors are there to provide business improvement, general support, and signposting advice to existing businesses, pre-starts, and startups to help them grow. With a PayPerCall pre-recorded audio line, you can offer five menu options to your callers when listening to your content. Therefore, you could divide your business advice options into Business Ideas, Market, Business Plan, Marketing, and Financial Planning advice.


  • Motivation and Life Coaching


There are many motivation, self-help, and life coaching methods and materials, but there are many core truths interweaved in almost all of them. They revolve around building one’s confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect. People need to be motivated in various life aspects, such as work, fitness, relationships, personal development, and business. Life coaching advice to help your callers to:

  • Be Themselves
  • Stop trying to control others
  • Not take themselves too seriously
  • Remind themselves they’re doing great
  • Understand that failure isn’t final
  • Realize that limitations are often imagined

Your pre-recorded advice could be the nuggets of advice about success, alignment, and happiness that your callers need.


  • Lucky Numbers


According to numerologists, Lucky Numbers are the five numbers that can offer insight into one’s life. You can launch a Pay Per Call line to help people to calculate their lucky numbers and know their significance. Offer pre-recorded audio advice for calculating the Life Path number, find their Expression number, Heart’s desire number, Personality number, Birthday number, and deduce basic number traits.

Upon calling your pre-recorded Pay Per Call line, your callers will get five menu options and choose the one they need. You can change your audio recording as often as you wish to keep your material fresh. Remember that your audio recordings should specialize around a particular topic. Contact PayPerCall to have your phone line set up and get your content ready to record!

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