Why the “Girlfriend Experience” is the New Most Profitable Type of Adult Line

Do men really think about sex every 7 seconds as the modern myth claims? The reality is that that number is grossly exaggerated. It’s true that men think quite a lot about sex; it’s also true that’s not all they think about.

In fact, men, like women, also think about love and companionship. They too wish to have that emotional connection with someone who understands their needs. They want to have someone who will listen to them about their problems and someone to vent to about how horrible their day was.

Contrary to popular belief, when men say they wish they had a girlfriend, they’re not just looking for someone to have sex with. Sure, that may be a perk that comes later on. However, most men feel this way because they feel incomplete somehow. By nature, humans are meant to be in relationships. It’s practically built in our DNA to connect with another. So when men don’t find someone to be this way with, they don’t feel whole and yearn for it.

Adult lines have been around for decades, being a Phone Sex Operator is a very popular way to earn money. And it came to the surprise of many phone sex operators that the men they spoke to weren’t always looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies. They just wanted someone to listen to them about their day. And for some, it turned out that their fantasies were to simply have a girlfriend who loved and cared for them.

From that, the Girlfriend/Lonely Man experience was born.

The Girlfriend Experience fulfills the client’s dream of having a companion who they can share intimate details with. She can be any type of girlfriend the client desires. She can be the sweet and caring girlfriend who asks him about his day and reminds him to take his vitamins. She will stroke his ego by assuring him that he has what it takes to get that promotion. She will show him love and respect and the emotional intimacy that is missing from his life.

Or she can be an assertive girlfriend who puts her man in his place. Many men feel loved when they are being controlled by a woman who is possessive. She will be insanely jealous when he mentions another girl. They may even fight about it and make up later.

Essentially, the provider can deliver whatever type of girlfriend the client wishes to have. Fulfilling one’s emotional needs can often be more powerful than satisfying them with sexual pleasure.

The biggest reasons why the Girlfriend/Lonely Man experience has proven to be a most profitable adult line is because like all relations, they take time to build and need to be nurtured over time. It may take multiple calls for the man to feel as though he is truly in a relationship. And once they feel that the operator is truly their girlfriend, they’ll want to call her again and again, as often as any boyfriend will want to talk to his loved one. The Girlfriend Experience line practically guarantees the experience provider or operator will have repeat callers who may even call them regularly over the course of many weeks or even years!

With PayPerCall, you can work for yourself or hire other operators to deliver the Girlfriend Experience.  You can work from home or anywhere; it will even appear as though you’re genuinely just talking to your boyfriend. Best of all, it’s entirely up to you if you want to get paid by the minute or per call.

Are you ready to get started to answer the phone, speak to your callers live, and start making a lot of money delivering the Girlfriend Experience? Click here to set up your PayPerCall line within 24 hours.

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