How to Turn Free Calls into Paid Calls That Make You Money

A lot of things are offered free on the internet. There’s free content, free software, free music, free videos, and whatnot. In phone marketing, there are free calls that some businesses offer to attract potential customers to their business. When a customer wants to ask questions, most businesses are more than willing to provide answers and give customers free access to make a quick call. Some companies even offer free calls 24/7 as part of their tech support service.  Either way, these free calls, which uses valuable time and manpower, cost money.

We know that your goal is to always offer value, but there comes a point where free services can affect your bottom line.  When you constantly give away services for free, whether it’s personal advice, psychic readings or tech support, you diminish the value of your service. People simply don’t value something when they get it for free.  They simply lose the drive to pay for it even if they can afford to do so.

I’m not suggesting that you charge your customers an unreasonable amount of money to make up for all those free calls. What I’m saying is you can charge a small amount of money per minute or per call. The going rate is $2.99 per minute with some lines exceeding $4.99 per minute. The goal is not to make money at once but slowly build up your revenue one call at a time. People who need your service will most likely be willing to pay for it.

Now if you already have a phone that you use to accept calls, you can start making money using that same phone by simply availing of PayPerCall’s service.

Our paid support business model can turn your existing telephone into money making generator where all incoming calls are charged per minute or per call. When a customer calls your number, PayPerCall answers it and introduces your service. The customer will also be asked to enter his/her credit card or debit card number. Once the account is pre-authorized, PayPerCall connects the call to you and you do the rest. All calls are tracked, and the total number of call minutes are calculated. PayPerCall gets a smalls share of the paid calls and you get to enjoy most of the profits. Even better, PayPerCall will show you how to spread the news about your business online, through directories, classified ads, social media, and SEO, to attract more callers to your service.

Another advantage of a paid support service is it discourages trolls from calling so you only get quality callers who are willing to invest time and money to your service. A paid support service also professionalizes your business and establishes you as an authority in your field.

Remember that as much as you want to add value to your customers by giving away free calls, you are running a for-profit business and you need to invest your time wisely. Otherwise, you run the risk of hurting your bottom line. Order your PayPerCall line today to start reaping the rewards!

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