The importance of automating your billing for telephone services

Since the beginning of time going back as far as the industrial revolution, people have always been searching for better ways to automate processes. Well it’s no different for business today. Any smart business owner knows that automation is the key to making things more efficient, captures more profits with less headaches. Manually doing things can be costly and allows more room for mistakes.

At, we’ve been focused on automation since the very day we started our company back in 1997. We believe that your time should be spent growing your business not worrying about automating your business. We continue to innovate and roll out powerful features which help make our clients even more money with their lines.

Saves you time and makes you money

As a Pay Per Call line owner you’ll have full access to our automated service which processes your payments automatically for each and every phone call.  Knowing how long each call lasted, where to forward the calls, what message to play, setting your line hours are some of the important things our system does for you.  These processes are all fully automated for you so you’ll have less things to worry about and more money to make.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to fully automated

Imagine if you did this manually?  All that time you’d spend compiling reports, keeping track of each minute so you’ll you know what to charge your customers, running payments, and where to route calls.  Sounds impossible right? It would be hard to even get anything done! Wouldn’t you rather race around in a sports car instead of riding a camel? You won’t need to worry about any of that when you become a client of since your line will be 100% turnkey as our system does all the work for you.

Automation keeps things organized and tracked

Automation is not just about getting things done efficiently, it’s also about keeping track and reporting back all the important details of your line to you promptly. Staying organized and having control at your fingertips is very powerful. As a line owner, you’ll want to know exactly how many calls you’re getting, and how much money you’re making at all times. The automation of the real time reporting keeps your Pay Per Call line ahead of the rest so you’ll be able to know what’s happening at all times. Every call is logged, and every minute is calculated on your behalf. This is available to you 24/7. If you’re wanting to adjust hours of availability of your line, pricing, or where the calls are forwarded – it’s done with the simple click of a mouse. Now that’s automation!

When it comes to billing your customers for telephone calls – one thing is for sure, you need the best automation, technology,  and value money can buy. Don’t cut corners on sub par, low quality services – seek a proven high quality Pay Per Call service that puts you in the driver’s seat so you can achieve your goals of making more money. You truly deserve the very best!

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