How to Set Up a Charge Per Minute Phone Number

Setting up an 800 pay per call businesses has become a lucrative way to get an additional stream of revenue or build an entire business from scratch. It is a high return and low investment business model that requires no special equipment or prior knowledge of operating a pay per call phone line. All you need is one or more working phones. When the phone rings, pick it up, help your client, and end the call. Does it sound too simple? Well, that’s because it is.

By teaming up with PayPerCall to set up your unique phone line, you can use your expertise and knowledge to help those who need it. Perhaps you’ll be restricted to counseling on a national level (lawyer) or may have a chance to build your business internationally (life coaching or psychic line). But the truth is there is a lot of money to be made this way.

Setting Up a Charge Per Minute Phone Line

Phone businesses that would provide services or information for free can now charge for it, which is why the telephone business is thriving to this day. 800 pay per call number services have remained popular because they provide instant access to services and information people want. Of course, we have the Internet where one can find vast pools of information and knowledge. However, that cannot beat the experience and expertise of someone who has been in a specific industry for decades and learned things through practice.

Are you an expert in your field of work? Well, it was about time you found out that using a pay per call phone line can generate a lucrative income.

To get your unique pay per call number, contact PayPerCall to tell us the details on the business you’d like to launch. We will come and set up your phone line (an 800 number with one forwarding number) that will initially cost you $599. After that, you will only have to pay a monthly maintenance fee. You can charge your clients per minute of conversations and have the freedom to set your own rates. Of course, we suggest you set a competitive price to increase your chance of getting more returning callers.

Advertising Opportunities

To grow your business, you should advertise your phone business to increase brand awareness. Promote your number everywhere from niche-related print magazines to online websites and social media. We also provide you with both paid and free opportunities for online marketing (banner advertising, search engine submission, and pay per click marketing services).

Besides charging per minute, you have the option to charge per call. What we have developed since our inception in 1997 are pay per minute and pay per call applications that can be used in any industry. We provide you with accurate reports that will show you how much money you’re earning and help you identify the best opportunities for scaling up. When can no longer handle all the phone calls yourself, we can set you up with additional phone lines (up to 99) as you hire other operators to work for you.

With more than 21 years of experience in the pay per call industry, we are here to help you launch your phone line business in a matter of hours. Contact PayPerCall for more information or click here to order now!

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