Why a Pay Per Call line is better than most business ideas

Have you considered starting a business but have had a difficult time deciding what business to go into?

Well you’re not alone, it’s a common problem among many people who have considered starting a new business. Many individuals often try to start businesses that they know very little about. When it comes to making money it’s not about reinventing the wheel. Sure, it would be cool to invent some kind of new product, but realistically you will need to spend money on lawyers, patents and prototypes. This could easily cost you over $15,000 on the low end. Not only do those things cost money, but they can often put you further away from actual selling and making money. You should consider a business that makes it easy for you to collect money from your customers, one that is automated so that by using the technology it helps you make even more.

Remember, great businesses don’t need to be complicated. They should be easy to understand and simple to operate. The simpler the better, and the more opportunities to make money.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – proven industries make the most money!

When considering a new business one should focus on one that requires little additional knowledge, training or know-how.  Stop reinventing the wheel, consider the Pay Per Call line business as their are many proven industries that make people excellent money. It’s simple to start, and easy to gain traction. You should consider starting a business that leverages your strengths. If you’re considering a Pay Per Call business you should have good personal skills. Good personal skills  is what makes people call you back very often and makes you alot of money. They will have no other choice to call you, and you’ll be able to satify their needs.

Some of our most successful Pay Per Call lines are in the following categories:

Advice Lines, Adult, Psychic Lines, Life Coaching, Counseling, Tech Support, Sports Handicapping and Law.

No special equipment needed

It’s easy to spend money on office supplies, equipment and items for your business but it’s totally not necessary. You really only need a working phone line (cell phone or landline) which can be an existing line you already have. Having a computer or tablet would be a plus but not always necessary.

A low cost, high profit business

While most business or franchises can cost a lot to start – you can start a Pay Per Call line with very little startup cost, and ongoing costs. In many cases you will spend less than $1,000 to get started.  A recent study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation concluded that the average startup cost for a new business is $30,000. You don’t need to have a lot of money to get started in the Pay Per Call business and a small investment can be extremely profitable. See projected earnings from our calculator to get an idea how much you could make.

Utilize free promotions

In many instances we find that free advertising works better than paid. Advertising does not need to cost money. There are many ways to promote your Pay Per Call business online for no cost. If you want to set aside small advertising budget you can do so as your business expands and invest some of your profits. At Pay Per Call we will show you many ways to take advantage of free advertising that gets the phone ringing! We provide you with free ongoing marketing support as we’ve got a vested interest in your being very successful!

A business that grows and can expand greatly

Some of our most successful Pay Per Call lines have started out with 1 person taking calls, and have expanded to many people with additional extensions. You can decide to expand at your own pace if you wish. If you’re good at talking to your callers you’ll be rewarded with many repeat calls. Many of our clients have had the same callers calling their lines multiple times a week for years. Some of them spend several hundred dollars a month, to in excess of several thousand. So the opportunity to profit and expand is excellent. The Pay Per Call industry has been growing year after year. When you’re getting too many calls than you can handle, that would be a good time to consider having others work the line for you.


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