The Many Benefits of Setting Up a Fan Hotline

Has your career led you to a point where you have hundreds of thousands of fans across the country? Public figures, such as musicians, actors, or even scientists experience this kind of rise to stardom when they’re appreciated or loved by many. And interacting with fans is vital for fan engagement, which helps you build, maintain, and foster the relationship with your fan base. However, if there are people that want to reach out to you all the time, you can even start profiting a bit more with your PayPerCall fan hotline!


  • Fan engagement


By setting up a fan hotline, you will show your fans that you’ve taken the time to hear what they have to say. And once they realize that you notice and value them, they will feel appreciated and are more likely to stay devoted.


  • Spread your image further


Besides helping you nurture relationships with your fans, a fan hotline can even help you grow your fan base. It can be through word of mouth when fans tell their peers about hearing back from you. Then, their friends or family may feel inclined to find out who you are and what you do. Their peers greatly influence people, so it’s one massive benefit of fan hotlines (especially today in the social media world when everybody’s behind their screens.)


  • Show the love


Yes, we have social media now, and it’s faster to like and respond to fan comments. However, people who try to reach out to hear you are probably your most genuine fans. These superfans are the ones that always have your back, so show them the love. Also, you might be the kind of person that has no social media appetite and don’t look forward to spending hours on social networks.


  • Get that feedback


Public figures are often under the spotlight and criticized for what they do. But the only way to avoid criticism is to “say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Getting appreciative feedback is easy, but fans can also give you some valuable constructive feedback. Of course, you can even choose the topics you’d like to talk about, which makes things more comfortable.


  • Easy to set up and flexible


With a PayPerCall Hotline, you can set your prices and make your hours. You can even keep your identity and personal phone number private. If the fans are willing to pay, then you can set up a profitable phone service with benefits that go beyond a mere profit. They help you build your professional image and engage with your devoted fans! Typically, these lines generate many repeat callers. PayPerCall automatically bills all the calls to your caller’s debit or credit card and sends you a check every month. Also, there’s no need for any special equipment, only a phone line for taking your calls. In addition to a Fan PayPerCall Hotline many of our clients also get paid for chatting using our sister company Premium.Chat. This is a popular way for celebrities, influencers, and models to earn an additional revenue stream.

Once your fans start reaching out to you via your PayPerCall number, they’ll tell their friends, and keep calling. Your fan hotline can start generating thousands of calls each month. For any additional questions or for signing up for a Pay Per Call line, contact PayPerCall, and we’ll help you set up your fan hotline!


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