6 Steps to Making Your Business More Professional

If you want your company to be taken seriously, it has to look and act professionally. When your business is perceived as professional, it boosts your credibility and improves your reputation. Here are 6 steps to take to make your business look and feel more professional.

1. Design a Memorable Logo

A thoughtfully designed logo has the power to make an impact and be remembered instantly. Because your logo will be the symbol that represents your brand, you’ll want it to be relevant to your business while being distinct and memorable. Study other successful logos. What makes them unique? Consider things like color and font. You may consider hiring a professional who has studied both the creative and psychological aspects of successful logos.

2. Set Up a Company Website

Your website doesn’t need to be elaborate; you don’t even need to spend thousands of dollars on building a site from scratch. There are a lost of online platforms that allow you to create a website with a template. You can customize your website with your choice of colors, font, and your own photos.

When you have your own website, you have an online home base where prospects can find you whenever they search for products or services similar to what you offer. Your company site will serve more than just a brochure for your products and services. It will contain all your contact information and where potential customers can make inquiries.

3. Have a Business Email Address

Giving out a generic @gmail.com address doesn’t appear professional to most people. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost that much to get an email that matches your domain name. Prospects will trust it more, and it will add to your credibility than a free email service such as Yahoo. It also tells people that you have a professional email that is separate from your personal email address.

4. Have a Business Phone Number

When you advertise your company online and offline, you’ll want to provide a business phone number. If you give them your personal number or the landline at your house, you risk answering a business call in a casual or non-professional manner.

It doesn’t cost that much to have a second line dedicated to your business. When a call comes in, you’ll know that it’s business-related.

5. High-Quality Photos

When images on your website or social media are poor-quality or low resolution, they instantly bring down your level of professionalism. High-quality imagery is more visually captivating and can tell your audience that you’ve invested resources in bringing them the best experience when they visit your website and social media profiles. Use professionally-shot photos on all your marketing material such as car stickers, calendars, mailers, and posters; they will make your brand look more credible.

6. Brand Consistency

Your branding is so much more than just your logo. From the start, you should have a visual image of your brand which you will use across all platforms as well as a reputation that you would like to be known for.

Your branding can involve the colors, typography, images, and aesthetics that best represent your business. It also includes your brand voice. Are you vibrant and clever, or educational and authoritative? Even a fun company brand can be considered professional. It’s crucial to be consistent across all channels so that everything from your social presence to your marketing leaves a lasting impression. And when you are consistent, it also builds brand trust.

It certainly doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars to make your business more professional. All of these simple solutions may be cost-effective; however, they make an impact on how your company is perceived.

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