Why a Nationwide Pay Per Call Telephone Business Is More Profitable Than a Local Business

It’s common for first-time business owners to struggle with the decision of what type of business structure to put up. On the one hand, there’s the traditional small business set-up; on the other, there’s the pay per call telephone business alternative.

Having a physical location for your business is more tangible and shows people you’re in business; however, the pay per call telephone business option is more profitable. And ultimately, isn’t to earn profits the reason why you’re in business in the first place? Here are 4 main reasons why a pay per call telephone business means you’ll not only save more money but earn more money.

1. Cheaper to Set-Up

Traditionally, small businesses mean having a brick and mortar store that caters to its local market. If you are a life coach, a lawyer, or a psychic, you would have to lease office space and decorate it in a way that complements the service you are offering. Office interiors and decorations alone can be quite expensive. You’ll also need office equipment and supplies.

With a pay per call business, you would only need a phone. In fact, you probably already own one. When you order a PayPerCall number, all your calls can be redirected to your existing cell phone or landline. To start offering your services as a life coach or tech support would mean only having to spend on the pay per call line and essentially nothing else.

2. Easy to Collect Money from Clients

With the traditional small business, you would need to set-up your business to receive payments. This means entering into an agreement with a member bank that has a processing relationship with Mastercard or Visa. Clients might also pay via check or even cash. You would need to keep track of all these different payment options.

With a pay per call phone business, you don’t need to worry about the extra costs that come with getting a merchant account. Your pay per call line comes with a full suite of automated billing services. You’ll also decide how to charge your callers – per minute or flat rate.

3. Reach Many More Clients

Speaking of collecting money, a pay per call business means a nationwide market. You would have clients from all over the US and Canada, and maybe even from other countries.

With an office set-up where you only offer face-to-face sessions, you would be limiting yourself to those who live in your area and have access to your office.

4. Scalable

Growing your business is easy with a pay per call telephone business. With a traditional small business. Expanding your business could mean having to move to a bigger facility to accommodate more employees. You would need to buy more equipment such as desks, chairs, cubicles, and phones.

With a pay per call phone business, you would simply order more PayPerCall lines. Each new number would be assigned to each of your new employees. This means you could easily take your psychic hotline or adult line business from 1 to 10 to 100 or more depending on the number of new operators you hire. Your business could grow each and every day, in fact. Hire a new operator today and within 24 hours with pay per call service provider like PayPerCall, you’ve got a new number all set up and ready to take calls and make your business more money.

Are you ready to exceed your earnings potential with a PayPerCall telephone business? Order your PayPerCall number now and be ready to start making money in 24 hours.

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