Favorite Advice Lines to Setup Using a Pay Per Call Line

Do you have the talent for giving advice? People are always in need of support, but sometimes they don’t have anyone around them to help in the right way. And that’s where relationship advisors, spiritual advisors, health and fitness advisors, and life coaches come into play. If you are experienced in providing advice, you can start your Pay Per Call advice line and talk about the topics in which you’re knowledgeable and savvy.

Relationship Advice Line

As a relationship counselor, you can start your PayPerCall relationship advice line to help couples overcome their relationship conflicts and troubles. You can advise on ways of maintaining healthy relationships, on family separation issues, family dispute resolutions, and impacts of conflict on children. Also, you can provide legal advice and family law issues and information about the family law system.

Spiritual Advice Line

The spiritual advice phone line can help people overcome their career, marriage, or addiction problems. People can call your spiritual hotline to receive divine guidance and transformational healing advice to achieve clarity in all areas of their life. You may also provide meditation support and instruction by giving tips on mindfulness meditation techniques. People can learn these mindfulness techniques through 15-minute guidance sessions.

Debt Advice Line

With much experience in finance and ways of handling money, you can start a lucrative business with a debt advice PayPerCall line. Financially distressed individuals and families will call to receive advice on money management and counseling. You are there to provide debt solutions for anyone experiencing financial problems. Being in debt can put a lot of stress on one’s shoulders, and opening up about it won’t make the problem go away. People need straightforward advice on how to make a plan for getting out of debt.

Parenting Advice Line

Parenting is both a rewarding and tough job, and many parents who experience parenting dilemmas need counseling. As an expert parent counselor, set up a parenting advice line to help those suffering from parenting challenges. Listen and give guidance and support about issues such as postpartum adjustment, nightmares, child development, sibling rivalry, bullying, friendship problems, separation anxiety, and more.

Nurse Advice Line

A nurse advice line is there to help people experiencing any medical emergency. Whenever people need a question answered or have a medical concern, they could call your own Nurse Advice PayPerCall Line. You’ll be able to advise them on how to resolve their issue themselves or, in a case of severe problems, tell them to go to the closest emergency room.

Automotive Advice Line

With an automotive advice PayPerCall line, you can offer live assistance to people experiencing car problems or professional technicians and shop owners who need a second opinion. Help your callers understand or diagnose a problem with their car. They might call when the usual fixes don’t work anymore or when they don’t trust their technician and want to confirm their claims. Automotive experts may also find it difficult to diagnose the problem for their customer’s vehicle, and call you for help, so they don’t lose a customer.

There’s no need for special equipment and experience to start your PayPerCall Advice Line business! You already have the knowledge, so the only thing you need is to have PayPerCall set up a phone line for you. Choose your pricing and work hours, and receive a check from us every month. With some help in marketing and promotion, you can be receiving dozens or hundreds of calls per day in just a few months.


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