How to Make Money with a Parenting Advice Line Working from Home

When people need help, and they need it right away, being able to reach out to a professional for advice can be invaluable. Parenting Advice line is a telephone referral, information, and counseling service for parents of children aged 0-18. You are educated and trained to provide support and relevant information about concerns regarding child disabilities, development, developmental delays.

With a Pay-Per-Call line, you and your team of professional counselors can answer calls. The calls are charged according to the price you set, so you can turn your advice line into a profitable business while the parents benefit from the guidance provided.

When you run your Parenting Advice line, you and your counselors answer the phone, give advice to your callers live, and get paid for it. When it comes to phone services, Advice lines are among the most profitable ones that Pay-Per-Call has been helping to set up for our clients. Calls received are automatically billed to your caller’s credit or debit card whenever they call your line, which means that you’ll start making money by the minute or by the call.

What are the benefits of having PayPerCall setup your own Advice line? You work by yourself (and should you wish to expand – you can work  with other Parenting counselors you hire,) can work from your home, set your working hours, set the price of your calls, and are free from having to hook up the line. If you have a website, you can add a web call button so your website visitors can make a call via a clickable phone number button. PayPerCall will direct deposit revenue directly to your account each month.

With the web-based software operated by your provider, the calls are automated and tracked. With your account admin permission, you can also monitor real-time online calls. Regardless of your experience, there is no equipment and expertise needed, so it’s easy to start your Parenting Advice line and start making money from it. When people start calling your line and find it helpful, the word will spread, and your callers will call again. Within a few months, your Advice line can generate thousands of calls each month

If it happens that your callers cannot reach you (for example, if you and your counselors are busy on other calls,) they can leave a message or wait on hold until a counselor is available. Also, they will also have the option to leave a message if they call outside your opening hours. Your operators could get back to them as soon as they can, which is later the same day (if the call was made early in the morning,) or the following day if they left a message later in the evening.

Besides the initial setup fee ($599), you will need to pay a monthly maintenance fee which includes automated credit and debit card processing, monthly line maintenance, real-time monitoring and reports, web-based software, and customer support.

Every parent wants what it’s best for their children. Your Parenting Advice line can help people keep their families healthy, safe, and happy. And when you establish it into a real business, you can start making significant profits in a few months.

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