How You Can Profit from Providing Small Business Advice by Phone

Aspiring entrepreneurs turn to the Internet for articles they hope will give them enough information on how to start a small business. The problem with most of these online resources is that much of the advice you get will be limited. They are basic guides that are typically generic and will not help with your unique needs.

You can spend hours or days reading through industry blogs and other resources. The reality is that the best way to get small business advice is from a person who has the right expertise and experience. Many entrepreneurial hopefuls come to realize this and give up on searching online. They seek the advice of a mentor or someone who has a strong background in starting a small business, and they’re willing to pay for it.

If you are someone that has extensive knowledge in launching and managing small businesses, you have an opportunity to make money from the consultations you offer. Here’s how:

Don’t Give Advice Away for Free

As someone highly experienced and knowledgeable in your industry, put a value on your service. Never give away small business advice for free causing your expertise to lose value.

Pricing is entirely up to you and based on what you believe is fair. If people are going to pay for your advice, they should gain valuable information that they can turn into something actionable. Charging people for your small business advice also boosts your credibility as it increases its value.

Charge for Consultations

When you have established yourself as an industry leader, people will want to consult with you and ask you small business advice such as what the legal requirements are to operate in their state or if it’s better to hire permanent staff rather then part-time employees. While you can certainly accept invitations to give talks and seminars, the best and most consistent way to earn money for your services is to have your own dedicated advice line.

When you have an advice line, clients have a number they can quickly call when needed to get the advice they are seeking. And when you use a pay per call line, you also have an easy way to charge your clients. All calls are automatically billed to their credit or debit card when they call your line. Pricing schemes are also entirely up to you; you can choose to charge them by the minute, per session, or a combination of both.

You profit because you don’t need any specialized phone equipment to get started. A phone line is all you require, and because your calls can be directed to your existing mobile number or landline, there’s no need to apply for a separate line.

Gain repeat callers by offering returning clients a discounted price. It is a great way to ensure you have a steady stream of business. You could also provide first-time callers a special price which you can easily set up with an advice line provider like Pay Per Call.

With Pay Per Call, set up is easy. Within 24 hours, you could already gain your first caller and start earning as a small business advisor.

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