3 Reasons Why You Should Charge for Advice

Advice may not be a tangible product; however, it is indeed something of value. Your degree and the valuable life lessons you’ve earned are worth something.

As someone who has industry or life experience, you’re confident that the advice you give can help shape and guide people through the complexities of life and help them make the right decisions. Whether you are giving friendship, health, parenting, professional, or spiritual advice, you should charge for the advice you give.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Earn Respect for Your Craft

People go online every day, searching for the answers to their questions. They find them on videos, interviews, or blogs. Because this information is free, people know they have to take it with a grain of salt.

While these articles may come from credible sources, you’ll notice that they rarely dive into detail. Many of these blogs or videos merely serve as guides. That’s why people don’t respect things that are given away freely. When you don’t charge people for your advice, it just as quickly loses its value and becomes perceived as something that can be easily acquired from just about anybody.

By charging people for your advice, they know that they receive something of value, making your business more credible and respectable.

2. Separate Personal Life from Professional Work

People always try to get services for free; you will still encounter those who will take advantage of chance meetings with you by casually asking for your advice. When you give it freely, they may think they can call you any time of the day or request to meet with you for free consultations.

When you decide to take your expertise and turn it into a business, you’re formally letting family, friends, former colleagues, and casual acquaintances know that your advice is something you can no longer afford to give away at no cost. More often than not, they will respect that. It is entirely your choice to who you give your advice to for free, and who you politely ask to call your advice line instead.

3. Increase Your Value

The moment something has a value-based price, the psychological perception of that product or service changes. If you want to grow your business while establishing yourself as a professional, you need to treat the advice you give as your “product;” and all products are sold for a price. As you gain more years of experience or add more degrees or certifications to your name, you can the value of your product can be increased.

Changing your pricing is something you can quickly do when you have a pay per call advice line. As the demand for your service increases or you add more credibility to your name, you can easily change your pricing scheme. At Pay Per Call, you can charge your clients by the minute or per session. Changing your billing options is incredibly easy with Pay Per Call and can be done as often as needed.

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