How to Start an Advice Line Business

Giving advice shouldn’t be free anymore

Have you spent countless hours either on the phone, or in person giving someone or a group of people advice? You may even be doing this already on a regular basis. Well it’s obvious that people often seek you out because you’re someone they can trust and count on! That’s a great skill and talent to have. I’m sure you’ve thought about it many times, how can I get paid for the advice that I have been giving away for free? Shouldn’t I start getting paid for the valuable and helpful information I give people each and every time I speak with someone?

The answer is YES, and the great news is that a Pay Per Call Advice line can solve this problem. Giving advice feels good but it’s now time to consider charging for the advice you give. Your information is valuable and you deserve to be compensated.

Turn yourself into a valuable advisor not an advice giver

Getting paid for giving advice is not a new concept it’s called an “advisor”.  Advisors are professionals or experts in a particular field that get paid for the advice they give regardless of the topic. It doesn’t take much on your part to become an expert. In fact, if you concentrate on understanding your field you’ll know more than 95% of all people with a little work and research. No special degrees are necessary, just the confidence in your mind to know you’re skilled at what you do.




noun: advisor

a person who gives advice, typically someone who is expert in a particular field.

Giving advice doesn’t have to be free anymore! You’re time is worth money, and many people are willing to pay for it. Sure being helpful and giving some information to people for free builds great rapport and you can continue to do that! However, you need to position yourself as an expert in your field. You may have multiple topics that you give advice on that you can specialize in.

How to let people know you offer an advice service

In business the key to making money is being able to offer a paid service or product to someone. If you have nothing to offer them, then no money can be exchanged between you and the customer. Remember, you need to get paid to make money. So how does this relate to an advice line or any other type of Pay Per Call service? Simple, you need to let people know that you offer the service, how they will benefit, and what the cost is. That can be done as easily during a phone call, or email – saying “I now can provide you with my professional advice service on these (topics) ___________ by phone. I can help you with _____ . The cost for my service is only _____”.

Profitable Topics to give advice on

Here are some of the topics people give advice on using their Pay Per Call line to get paid.  If your speciality is not listed you can give any type of advice you’d like:

Friendship & Venting

Relationship Advice & Personal Issues

Health, Fitness, and Medical

Personal Finance

Parenting Advice

Business Advice

Education and Tutoring

Spirituality & Religion

Personal Development

So whether you’re giving an advice about relationships, health, finances, business, or any topic – you can easily position yourself as a valuable person to speak with.

Your advice is worth paying for

It’s time to get paid for helping people, and understand that your advice is worth paying for!

If you’re good at giving advice, you can expect to get many repeat and loyal callers who seek your advice daily. Many of our clients have had the same callers for years and growing over time. It’s a great feeling to know that you can help people, and get paid at the same time. can help you establish your very own advice line business so you can start getting paid for all your telephone calls easily.


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