How to Use a Pay Per Call line for a Counseling Business

A Counseling business is built on trust.

Whether you’re a business counselor working for several clients, or a marriage counselor working with couples, or a psychologist working with people with mental issues and disabilities, your clients will need a trustworthy and honest relationship.

As a counselor, your office has to provide the feel of security and good practice. Your clients need to feel free from judgmental surroundings in a safe and secure environment. Most people who are not comfortable with unfamiliar surroundings feel most comfortable and confident in their homes. They don’t commute or have time to visit you. They feel insecure about sharing details about their life or business outside their homes and are generally anxious about people.

Being a great counselor means to be able to identify these challenges that may block your communication with your client. It’s often required for you as a counselor to be present at the time when a client needs the advice to act according to the situation. Whether it’s a marriage problem, crucial business advisory or anger management, the need stays the same.

Your counseling business can be extended with a Pay Per Call line for psychologists and counselors to address this problem. To ensure greater trust and loyalty with your client base by being available to them at the given moment. And get paid for it appropriately.

A Pay per call line helps you charge a paid counseling fee for your phone calls to your clients, with a rate per minute higher than of a regular call and enables you to collect the charge via call provider. It allows you not only to get paid for your counseling hours but also to lower the pressure on clients made by invoices and payment options – they need immediate advice and cannot be bothered by commuting or handling transactions. Aside from that, it enables you to be available for clients at the time of need, relatively lowers the pressure on your work hours as they become more dynamic and manageable.

You can use your pay per call line to extend your reach and provide services outside your locality to a new city, region or state. Guided by good practice and strong referrals, your practice may be reached by people in a near region or nation-wide. The principle is the same – you will be available to charge for your service via call provider.

The key takeaway here is to build trust and loyalty. To be available for your clients and to practice your counseling at the moment when needed. Pay per call premium lines ensure availability and offer “call-hold” options to keep your client informed and engaged while waiting for a connection. They remove the trust gap made by giving the caller an opportunity to hear your voice and tone and visualize your conversation miles away. It brings their safe and secure environment to you, and it’s the first and fastest way of bypassing the trust gap.

If you are ready to start your counseling business, contact us, and our team will help you set up your Pay Per Call line today.


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