5 Types of Phone Counseling Topics You Can Offer

Just like regular face-to-face counseling, phone counseling offers the same services, except it’s conducted over the phone. And there are various topics where you can provide your counseling services. Marriage, addiction, career, or self-help counseling – with phone counseling being such a lucrative business opportunity, you only need to choose the topics you’re experienced with and set up your phone line.

There are many benefits to starting your counseling practice from home. If you’re ready for that business leap, here are five types of phone counseling topics you can offer for a start.


  • Addiction Counseling


Addiction counselors are there to help people overcome dependence on substances (such as alcohol or drugs) and destructive behaviors (such as gambling.) People who need addiction counseling are often at their lowest points in struggling with addiction. With an addiction counseling phone line, you can help your callers by listening about their problems and what triggers them to engage in addictive behaviors. Also, you discuss various coping methods and ways to incorporate them to help start heading toward recovery.


  • Career Counseling


Career development is a long-lasting endeavor that can be influenced by many factors, such as abilities, interests, personality, values, circumstances, and background. As a career counselor, you will help your callers understand themselves and the world of business to make the best educational, career, and life decisions. People need to express their concerns about educational and career choices, identify what influences their career development and plan their next step. On the other hand, you can have a career counseling PayPerCall line set up for you as well as determine the price of call/minute yourself.


  • Marriage Counseling


Marriage issues can be the result of different underlying problems, such as depression, childhood experiences, or drug abuse. A marriage counselor can’t diagnose (or treat) mental illnesses that may be disrupting the marriage. However, they can suggest and help identify the underlying problems. If you’re certified and experienced in helping people and couples cope with their emotions, then launching a marriage counseling PayPerCall line might be right for you.


  • Mental Health Counseling


Mental health counseling requires you to utilize different psychotherapy methods to help people who are troubled with psychological distress. There is a demand for qualified mental health professionals and counselors to diagnose, prevent, and treat mental health issues due to the prevalence of mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. A mental health counselor is there to provide psychotherapy sessions, talk to clients about thoughts, emotions, and experiences, work to identify behavioral patterns, and develop a treatment plan.


  • Business Counseling


When people want to find the causes of various business problems and find ways to improve their work performance, they need the help of a business counselor. Business counselors often analyze data, personnel evaluations, and performance expectations to identify the source of problems. Next, they assess their client’s areas for improvement, identify business goals and opportunities, and help develop and implement a plan. If you’re business-savvy, you can also launch your business counseling PayPerCall line to help others who are experiencing difficulties with their businesses.

Sign up for a PayPerCall line today, and you’ll be ready to start counseling tomorrow! You are flexible to set your hours and price, work from anywhere, and work for yourself. If your business grows and you can’t handle the call volume yourself, hire more operators and scale your business by adding more phone lines. PayPerCall is there to control the software, billing, and maintenance for you.


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