Why credit and debit cards are the superior billing method for Pay Per Call lines

The past

Back in the late 80 into the 90’s – 900 numbers were a popular way to bill customers for Pay Per Call services. It involved charging the caller’s phone bill directly. While this seemed like a convenient option, it caused many issues that later caused the demise of this method. Customers who called these number were often upset that their phone bills were so large, and phone companies would often quickly reverse those charges because they didn’t want to lose their customers.  This went on for many years,  so phone companies began automatically blocking people from calling 900 numbers. When mobile phones started becoming popular in the late nineties to early 2000’s they decided against allowing customers to call 900 numbers.

PayPerCall.com invents 800 Bill to Credit Card

In 2002, PayPerCall.com invented a new and improved way to bill customers called 800 Bill to Credit Card, with many more features, and advantages over previous phone billing methods.  We recognized that this multi-billion dollar industry of Adult lines, Psychic lines, Advice Lines, Coaching lines, Sports Lines, Entertainment Lines and many others needed a superior and more profitable way to charge for phone services. We pioneered the ability for callers to simply enter their credit or debit card directly into the phone to pay for calls in real-time using an 800 number. This avoided the blocking of phone numbers that plagued 900 numbers in the past and opened up higher call volume and profits. It also allowed companies to have 100%  flexibility over pricing, greetings, forwarding of calls, tracking of minutes, live and pre-recorded content and expansion. It also gave line owners the ability to affordably distribute calls directly to any phone number without the need of a traditional call centers.   This new billing method became and overnight success, and continues to striving to this day!

Key Advantages of Credit & Debit Card billing for Pay Per Call Lines

  1. Automatically store credit cards securely for future calls without the needed to re-enter for card information (Card Memory)
  2. The ability for callers to extend their call automatically without the need for them to hang up and call back (Extend a Call)
  3. Callers can use any payment method including  Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover both Debit and Credit (as well as gift cards) giving them the ability to spend much more money than billing to a traditional phone. We see some callers spend over $5,000 a month calling our clients Pay Per Call lines. This would never have been possible without the use of Credit or Debit Cards.
  4. Credit and Debit Card billing via an 800/888 number builds more trust with callers.
  5. Real Time Reporting and Authorization to ensure payments are processed quickly and effectively to ensure you line owners are paid.

Further Enhancements to the Pay Per Call industry

We have continued to focus on new ways to help line owners generate more revenue, while keeping their cost of setup, and monthly maintenance to a minimum.  We understand that our prime responsibility is to help our clients maximize their investment, and give them the best bang for the buck. We’ve invested over $1M dollars over the years perfecting our Pay Per Call platform to keep up with the huge demand for calls.  Our investments in rolling out powerful features has paid off, and our company continues to expand serving many different pay per call niches. We continue to work this very day to further our improvements and enhance our clients profits.

Here are a list of key features we have rolled out which are now included with every Pay Per Call line

Card Memory

Extend a Call

Proactive Calling

First Time Caller Pricing

Web Call Buttons w/ Availability Settings and Online Payments


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