Make the telephone your money making best friend again

Your phone rings. It’s an unknown number. You don’t want to pick up, but you know it’s a customer, so you have no choice.

You answer and spend twenty minutes helping one of your clients. The whole call you’re dying to get back to what you were doing beforehand, but you can’t just boot your client off the phone.

In this scenario, your phone is the enemy. It’s a time suck that doesn’t provide any value to your life.

In another scenario, the phone rings, it’s a call from your PayPerCall line, and it’s a customer! Except this time you light up when you feel the phone vibrate in your pocket. And that’s because you know that the vibration means you’re about to get paid.

You get on the phone with your client, and every minute is charging the clients credit or debit card. At the end of the call, you hang up, knowing you just turned your valuable time into cold hard cash.

Which scenario would you prefer? The one where your phone is your enemy, or the one where your phone is your best friend?

PayPerCall wants to make sure you’re in the second camp, and help you create a loving, and profitable, relationship with your phone.

You’re time and expertise are too valuable to be giving away for free, and it’s too easy to make money from phone calls not to be.

You see, with, the entire process is automated. You’re in control of how much you work and how much you charge. You set everything up on the site.

If you want to work on your pay per call line two hours per week to make some extra cash, you can do that. If you want to work 40 hours a week and make your pay per call line your full time job, you can do that too.

When a customer calls for the first time (within the working hours you previously set up), they enter their payment information, verifies they have funds available to pay for the call, and then they automatically get charged for the call. You can choose to charge by the minute or by the call.

When a client calls in for a second time,’s system automatically recognizes their number using a powerful feature called Card Memory, and pulls up their payment information securely. This saves your customer the hassle of reentering their payment information and provides a seamless customer experience.

From tech support to psychic hotlines, and advice lines to life coaching, and adult,  the possibilities for making money on your phone are as endless as your imagination..

And once you’re set up with us, we’ll help create a marketing plan so that your number is seen and called by the people who need your services most. Many of the methods are easy to do as well as free or affordable. There are people out there just waiting to shell out their hard earned cash in exchange for your valuable advice and services. All you need to do to to start making money is set up a pay per call line and get your number in front of these people.

The process is simple, seamless, and profitable.

Too many people are on the verge of breaking up with their phones, or see their phones only as computers meant for apps and text messaging. With a simple switch in perspective, and a phone number from, not only can you make your phone your best friend, but you can make it your best friend that pays you every single day. Get Your Pay Per Call started today and we will have your account and line setup in 24 hours or less.

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