5 Smart Strategies to Promote Your Pay Per Call Line

The world of the Internet brings a ton of advantages when it comes to business promotion. There are many cost-effective ways to promote your Pay Per Call line, grow your caller network, and establish yourself as one of the leading businesses in your industry. Here are some smart strategies for promoting your Pay Per Call line.

  • Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are invaluable tools when it comes to business promotion. These platforms enjoy enormous popularity and have substantial user bases (i.e., Facebook has more than 2 billion users, while Instagram surpassed the 700-million mark.) So, create your social media marketing campaign and invite people to call your line via posts, paid ads, Tweets, and video content. Social media allows you to create brand recognition, generate conversations around your business, tell your brand story, research your audience to improve, direct traffic to your website,

  • Google AdWords

Setting up an AdWords pay per call campaign is quick and easy, and with the right keyword and demographics research, you can be successful. The Google AdWords platform is one of the key players in changing the marketing climate and is used by thousands of small, medium, and large businesses. It is flexible, provides fast and transparent results, taps into massive traffic sources, and provide a high ROI. Learn how it works, and the rewards can be enormous.

  • Print Advertising

Even if we live in an increasingly digital world, traditional marketing tools still do the trick and offer specific benefits. Print advertising provides extensive exposure because a magazine or newspaper left on a coffee table can be seen repeatedly. Unlike other forms of media, such as TV ads, printed ads are non-intrusive, and the reader has a greater control as to when he or she reads them. Newspapers and magazines also leave a choice when it comes to the size and position of your ad in their publication.

  • YouTube Advertising

Don’t miss out on creating quality video content for your Pay Per Call line promotion. Video content is king, and as less portion of the younger population watches TV, having a YouTube channel is like having your TV station. With more than a billion users who watch almost a billion videos every day, YouTube is an excellent opportunity for reaching millions. You can choose from many targeting options and pay per video view. Depending on your targeting, video quality, and overall goal, a typical YouTube video Ad can cost between ten to 30 cents per view.

  • Business Cards and Sticker Marketing

Business cards still matter. As everything we do in business nowadays is digital, there are some things that digital can’t replace. Swapping contact information via business cards is much more personal as eye contact, and a conversation also follows it. One of the most effective direct marketing tools, having a business card shows that you’re prepared which dramatically adds to the first impression of your brand.

And there’s also sticker marketing, which has been helping increasing exposure, advertising, establishing brands, and even politicians get elected. They come in various sizes and shapes and are not perceived as advertising but rather as personal endorsements.

Want to establish and promote a pay per call business? Contact PayPerCall for your 800-number and marketing support. When you become our client, we will help you to advertise your business through different advertising sources.

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