Card Memory

CARD MEMORY – Spotlight on Money Making Features

As an owner of Pay Per Call line you’ll want to take advantage of the latest payment technologies just like the big  billion-dollar companies such as Amazon, and Apple use.

Well guess what? Now you can!

I’m sure you’re familiar with online shopping, and how many companies store your credit, or debit card for future purchases to make it simple for people to buy. After the first purchase you’ll no longer need to enter the card info again, it’s stored securely so you can use it over and over again. This means more money for the companies who use this technology because ordering from them is so easy, it’s just a click of the mouse. That convenience increases sales, and profits. It’s quick and simple to order using your stored card on file.

A must have feature that gives “YOU” the power of a huge company

Imagine, Apple has over 800 million cards stored, Amazon has over 500 million – so their customers can make future repeat purchases without even thinking.  Now that’s powerful! Even a few, or several hundred can make a lot of money every day! Remember, the more calls that you get the more stored cards you will have in Card Memory and that means increasing revenue for your line!

So, now you’re asking – how does this benefit me?

Well we’ve invented a similar powerful technology which does the same thing, but it does it for a phone line, and we have included it with all our Pay Per Call accounts.

All clients get Card Memory included on their line at no extra cost

As a client you’re Pay Per Call line will include a powerful feature called “Card Memory”. We are the only phone service of it’s kind that does this!  Card Memory works like a wallet for your callers by storing their credit or debit card securely for repeat calls.

Here’s how it works…

Your caller dials your Pay Per Call for the first time and enters his/her credit or debit card into the phone. We log their Caller ID and store their credit card securely and legally. When they call back over and over again we know it’s them from their caller ID and they only need to enter the last 4 digits of the card. It’s so simple.  If they want to switch cards, that’s easy too – they can simply enter a new card!

Take advantage of the many powerful features that make you more money

Card Memory makes calling you, and paying so easy that people are more willing to call often! This leads to making you more money as it’s super convenient for your customers.

We have found this feature to increase our clients profits quickly, and keeps your callers always coming back from more by calling you even more often. We have seen callers spend hundreds per week, and thousands per month because of this amazing feature. Card Memory has definitely made that process profitable for Pay Per Call clients.

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