The Money Making Power of Repeat Callers

Repeat customers are the life blood of every business. It’s no different for people who charge for their services by phone. One of the great qualities of a Pay Per Call is that they often attract many repeat callers on a daily & weekly basis! We see time and time again new clients getting a steady flow of customers who call very often.  Its quite ommon for some callers to call as often as several times a day! This can be extremely profitable for many Pay Per Call line owners.  Remember, that if you’re talented at what you’re doing you can expect to have many people calling you all the time. Some callers will even call you for many years since the phone is an excellent way to attract loyal customers. With a Pay Per Call line you have the ability to set yourself apart.  Many times your customers see you as the only, and best choice for the needs. Taking that into consideration, it’s easy for you to standout – as many will quickly see the value that you offer. People will often want to use your service over and over again by calling your line.

Here’s some simple math to understand how powerful repeat callers are for your business! Keep in mind this example shows you the power of just 1 caller who calls every day. Many of our clients often have from 10 to several hundred customers calling regularly so you can see how it can become extremely profitable!

Profit of 1 Repeat Daily Caller Each Day

This example shows the value of  just 1 caller who calls daily for 1 year (some of our clients have callers who have been calling for over 10 years)

Imagine having 10-20 callers like this or even more who call on a daily basis. You can see the tremendous money making potential of a Pay Per Call line.

Price Per Minute = $2.99 Per minute

Average Call Length = 20 minutes

Your profit per call =  $39.80 Per Call

Your profit per month = $1,1194

Your profit per year = $14,328

Your profit if this 1 customer calls you for 5 years  = $71,640

To see your earnings potential use the Pay Per Call earnings calculator to calculate your projections for owning a Pay Per Call Line

Getting started is easy.  In fact, guarantees a 24 hour startup time and you’ll be ready in no time to start taking calls and bringing in money.  Order online today to take the first step!





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