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EXTEND A CALL – Spotlight on another Pay Per Call powerful money making feature

As the leading innovator in pay per minute billing, PayPerCall.com continues to roll out a steady stream of powerful features that benefit line owners. It’s no surprise we are the leading phone billing platform for individuals, along with small, and large companies.

One feature that has brought in a tremendous amount of additional income has been “Extend A Call

As you know successful billing of your callers is the most important part of your business. Without a powerful and easy billing system in place it will be difficult to efficiently charge your callers.

What is Extend A Call?

Extend A Call is just want it sounds like. It automatically extends the call so the billing of your customer can continue without the caller hanging up. This is great for the customer, and great for line owners since longer calls mean more profits. Very often conversations last longer than planned, and the last thing you want to happen is to end the call having to call back later.

All PayPerCall.com clients get Extend a Call included on their line at no extra cost

Here’s how it works…

Extend A Call has two different settings as you can choose which works best for you within your Pay Per Call login.

With Standard Extend A CallTwo minutes before a live call is scheduled to end (you can set the maximum lenght of a call) a warning prompt will prompt the call momentarily. They simply hit the keypad on their phone to continue.


With Silent Extend A CallThe caller will automatically rebilled for additional time without the need to be prompted. Since your greeting has the price of the service, their is no need to necessarily prompt or warn them as in the standard extend a call.

Take advantage of the many powerful features that make you more money

As you know the easier it is to bill a caller the more money is made. Automation, and ease of use for both you and your callers are the quickest ways to turn your business into additional profits. A small investment in automation using a high quality service like PayPerCall.com always pays off!

Extend A Call makes calling you, and paying so easy that people are more willing to call often!  It’s a very convenient option for your callers who who don’t want to end their call. We have seen callers spend hundreds per week, and thousands per month because of this amazing feature. Extend A Call has definitely made that process even more profitable for Pay Per Call clients.

If you’re not already a client, and you’d like to enjoy the many benefits of a Pay Per Call account today, click here.

Please allow 24 hours for setup, and you’ll be able to access your account by that time or sooner

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