The Value of Customer Service

Good customer service is critical to any business; without it, you could lose clients and even gain a bad reputation that keeps you from gaining any new customers.

It doesn’t matter what your company is or what your industry is; your customers need to be taken care of. When you offer outstanding customer service, you improve your public image and strengthen your brand.

Anyone in business knows how important reputation is to not only retaining clients but also gaining new customers. In a time when most people go online to search for products or services, you want to ensure the most positive image of you is presented. Here are tips on how to deliver better customer service:

Respond Promptly

Respond as quickly as possible. Speed is critical in customer service. When a client is already unhappy about something; keeping them waiting will only aggravate the situation. No one likes to be kept waiting. When you answer in a timely manner, you have more of a chance to diffuse the situation before matters escalate.

Listen Attentively

Allow the customer to air out their concern. Don’t interrupt. Don’t allow yourself to get defensive and leap in before the client has had the chance to tell you what the problem is. Have all the information before you offer a solution.

Be Empathetic

Empathize with the customer’s predicament. Assure the irate customer that their happiness and satisfaction is your priority. Guarantee them that you will take any necessary steps to ensure the resolution of the problem. While it’s true that some clients are unreasonable whose demands are unrealistic, your still have to find a middle ground. You will not always be able to give them everything they need; however, you have to express that you’ve at least tried.

Go the Extra Mile

If the fault is yours, take responsibility. Offer a solution and go that extra mile. Offer them something like a discount or a freebie. This will not only result in a grateful and happy customer, but it also expresses how much your value that client.

Follow-up and Keep Customers Updated

If you’re still working on a resolution, be the first one to reach out to the customer with updates. If you need more time, let the client know. Don’t ever let your clients feel you have forgotten about them. Even when the situation has been resolved, it helps to check in on them every so often to ensure they’re happy with the service.

Remember, word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful and influential kind of advertising. When you treat your clients right, they will tell their friends and family. They will share their experiences online through their social networks, reaching a wide audience. Good customer service has the power to gain you more business because consumers today trust their peers more than traditional marketing.

Whether you’re trying to make money offline or online, excellent customer service can ultimately mean improved brand awareness, lead generation, and massive following that will champion your business for you.

At PayPerCall, we want to help you ensure you’re building strong client relationships and retaining customers. The best way to have repeat callers is by offering great customer service to the clients who are unhappy with any aspect of your service. At PayPerCall, we work with you to build your business and brand.

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