12 Profitable Pay Per Call Line Ideas

In the today’s times, small businesses consist of some of the most successful parts of our economy. They are extremely attactive due to investment and entrepreneurs prefer setting up a small and low-cost business rather than a large and expensive one. As technology continues to make strides and reshapes our world, there are currently thousands of small business ideas which could work for people in most countries. But the question is, how many of them have little to very little startup cost?

Pay Per Call Lines are a great way for individuals and companies to start their own business without the need to offer physical products since it’s service oriented. It has considerably low startup cost and ongoing costs, and you are expected to spend less than $1,000 to get started. Although, initially Pay Per Call Lines were used to be known for “Phone Sex”, they have now greatly evolved with a variety of ideas and services which one can offer. Such services can range from psychic readings to sports updates, all while you stay at home and work for yourself. To give our readers a broader perspective of the services which they can offer on Pay Per Call Line, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “12 Profitable Pay Per Call Line Ideas”.

  1. Live Psychic Readings: People are always curious to know their future. Therefore, if you are a psychic reader or if you hire one, there is no reason for you to ever go out of business. Through Live Psychic readings service for Pay per Call Line, you can provide your callers the peace of mind and clarity that they need to stay focused on the things that are important in their life.
  2. Phone Sex Line Operator: This service is what made Pay Per Call Lines famous. The holy grail of Pay Per Call Line, a Phone Sex Line Operator can be a lucrative idea. You can easily get paid per minute or per call, and stay completely anonymous at the same time. Since there are a number of target groups such as Phone Sex Hotline, One on One Chat lines, Girlfriend Experience, Fantasy Line and much more to offer, Phone Sex Line Operator ranks up among the most profitable Pay per Call Line ideas.
  3. Phone Counseling: Phone Counseling is one of the oldest methods of counseling and one of the first services that Pay per Call Line offered. It remains high in demand service throughout the world and you can easily work from your home on the hours of your feasibility.
  4. Venting: Venting is another profitable Pay per Call Line idea which allows you to either work alone or hire a team of individuals to help you out. There is a considerable target group who regularly needs venting, therefore, this Pay per Call Line idea can prove to be quite lucrative.
  5. Business Consulting: Business Consulting is an evergreen service of Pay per Call Line. With the fluctuating market and unstable economies, people from all around the world want to keep their business safe by implementing the best business practices. Therefore, business consulting benefits for this fact and prove to be an amazingly profitable Pay per Call Line idea.
  6. Relationship Advice: Millennials go through a variety of difficulties while in relationships. Even married adults aren’t always satisfied with their marriages and want some expert advice to make things work. Therefore, the relationship advice service of the Pay per Call Line is a potentially profitable idea.
  7. Life Coaching: Life coaching is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is high in demand. Therefore, you can start profiting from this industry by running your own Pay per Call Line service of Life Coaching. By giving expert advice, you can make a reasonable amount of money and realize the potential of this business idea.
  8. Technical Support: With the evolving technology, technical support remains a Pay per Call Line service of great profits and continued durability. It never gets old and you will never go out of business since people keep getting into trouble with the latest tool and technologies.
  9. Sports Pick Handicapping Service: Sports Pick Handicapping service is another profitable pay per minute idea that allows you to have your own sports line business. With many sports fans and enthusiasts around the world this is a quite lucrative service to offer.
  10. Legal Advice: Businesses, startups and a variety of individuals, all require legal advice at some stage. This is where your expertise comes in. Work for yourself or hire someone else to do the job for you and provide valuable legal advice to high potential clients.
  11. Healthcare and Medical Advice: Healthcare continues to be the most prolific industry throughout the world and people are always in need of healthcare and medical advice. So, a profitable Pay Per Call Line idea can be to start your own healthcare and medical advice service.
  12. Fitness Advice: The fitness industry throughout the world is experiencing a positive boom, as more and more people are looking to improve their health and fitness. Therefore, you can start your own Pay Per Call Line of fitness / health advice and make a decent amount of money with low initial costs.

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