How to Give the Best Advice

What do you do when you’re in a difficult situation and don’t know what to do? You ask for advice! When under pressure, we cannot think straight, so we seek someone experienced and cool-headed to help us out. If people ask for your advice often and you genuinely want to help others – then running an advice phone line might be the best job for you!

Picking the area that you’re most knowledgeable about (such as parenting, automotive, debt, relationships, personal development, personal finance, or small business advice) is probably the most natural part of the process. But do you know how to advise like a professional?

  • Keep it short and on point

To be sure your callers can follow you, keep it short and on point. A long and complicated piece of advice rarely is put into practice. Focus on essential takeaways, keep it simple, and break it down into simple steps. Have a good structure – introduction, body, and a conclusion – so your callers can easily understand and retain it. Aim for three takeaways or three steps if that’s possible. Start with the most crucial point or with the events that happened first. The attention span of younger people is shorter, so you’ll want to get to the point as soon as possible.

  • Use storytelling

Statistics and dry information won’t motivate people to listen to you or make a change. Everything is more comfortable with a good story, people love them, and they make advice real, relatable, and human. They put the advice into context, which is why every great piece of advice or speech is built around a story. People rarely remember stats, figures, and facts – but they always remember a good story. Just be sure to keep it concise and short, and give your best to inspire. It’s what brings in the positivity, makes people feel good, and gets them to think.

  • Link Advice to emotion

Another practical strategy to inspire people is injecting your opinion with passion. That requires you to be vulnerable, authentic, and bold, while it also makes your information feel universal. It will help you influence your callers to make a real change.

  • Rely on your experience

Each one of us has unique experiences, and they are what can make your advice unique. Your experience is the best advice you can provide. If you’re about to start your advice phone line, this is important to realize early on. Your experiences are worth sharing and are probably more valuable than you think.

  • Respect your callers

Appreciate and respect your caller’s situation because they are not as strong as you. Don’t talk down on them but focus on being of service to them. If you don’t lead with respect, your callers may not take your advice or may use your input to harm themselves. If you lead with respect, your callers will respect you even if they don’t agree with your help.

With a PayPerCall line, you can use your advising skills to build a business and earn your living from your home. Give us a call to find out more about our services and sign up for having your advice phone line installed!

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