How to Earn Money with a Pay Per Call Line as a Consultant

The best thing about running a Pay Per Call consulting business is that you can do it from wherever you are. PayPerCall receives the call, prompts the caller to enter credit card info, and once the payment goes through – we redirect the call to you to provide your consulting services. That’s very important because, as the consulting industry is competitive, being able to receive your calls even on the go can be crucial to your business success.

If you are here, then you’re probably considering to launch your phone consulting line. But do you know what it takes to be a top performer in the niche?

  • Pick your niche

The niche you should pick is the one you’re most knowledgeable and experienced. Don’t try to be one of those people trying to sell knowledge on things you don’t understand or know much about. Because you are interested in Software doesn’t make you eligible to become a software consultant.

  • Resourcefulness is key

As a consultant, you’ll be asked to provide answers on things that are entirely new to you. That’s where your ingenuity comes into play. As a rule of thumb, you should approach your peers and colleagues first, and then consult external resources. There must be someone who already handled the same issue and knows something about how to tackle it. When it comes to research, be creative and show that you’re down to do whatever it takes.

  • Become the “Go-To” for your niche

If you don’t already have a strong reputation in your industry, you’ll spend the first few years building it. Aim to differentiate yourself by becoming a specialist in a particular subject or area. It’s the one area that you truly excel and outperform everyone else because of your in-depth knowledge. When others have a problem on that matter, they will dial your number for consultation.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification

Instead of trying to investigate things that are unclear to you, ask questions first. It’s at the core of consulting work. If the client is already paying for the call, then you better get all the information you need before you provide them with an answer. It’s better to do that than give the wrong answer because it can lead the client to make the wrong decision while your reputation will be at stake. Besides, you’ll keep the conversation going and earn more money by being thorough and detailed.

  • Attention to detail

Even the slightest detail can have you give out advice that won’t be fruitful to your client. What you deliver must be error-free because that’s how you build trust with clients. Some people are big picture thinkers, and if that’s the case with you, some tips can help you develop this skill. For example, create a list of things you should double-check before giving your final answer.

With a PayPerCall phone consulting line, you will have complete control over your business in terms of price per call or minute and will be able to monitor how well you’re doing through online, real-time reports. We charge you the initial cost of the phone line setup and monthly maintenance fee. Sign up for a PayPerCall line today and start receiving calls tomorrow!

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