How to Charge for Phone Calls

As the leading provider of telephone billing solutions since 1997 we are very focused on helping our clients efficiently charge callers. Charging for phone calls can be done quickly, and very effectively with an 800 Pay Per Call Number. People call to get the information they need (whether it’s legal advice, life coaching, tech support, psychic reading, and so on), and they are charged for the call directly to their credit card. If you have something that would be of value to people, you can make excellent money with your pay per call line either setting your fee on a Per Minute or on a Flat Rate basis.

Decide on your business model

Are you a lawyer or maybe a relationship counselor? Perhaps you have lots of experience as an entrepreneur, and you know that small business owners could greatly benefit from your advice. Whatever your area of expertise might be, if it can be communicated over the phone, then you can earn some nice additional income from it. And if the business keeps growing, you can add even more phone lines, hire operators to work for you, and expand your phone line business.

Set Up a Pay Per Call Phone Line

Companies, such as PayPerCall, can set you up with a phone line. They will provide you a unique phone number and dedicated phone line so you can start receiving calls as soon as tomorrow. You only pay for the setup fee and a small monthly maintenance fee, while the company takes care of everything else from line maintenance to billing the callers. Next, determine whether you will be talking to your callers or make pre-recorded messages. Finally, decide on the market you want to reach. Are you going to provide services to U.S. callers or set up an international pay per call phone line to talk to people from New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, or Australia?

Per Minute or Per Call?

When a person calls an 800 number, he or she is brought to an automatic system that asks them to enter their credit/debit card information. PayPerCall system authorizes their funds almost instantly, and once they are verified, the calls get routed to your phone line. We charge your callers and send you your profit every month, so you will never have to be concerned about declined charges. As soon as your callers get to speak to you, any of your live operators, or a pre-recorded message, the clock starts tracking the time a caller spends on the call. When the call ends, the call length is calculated and billed to the caller’s card.

Also, you have another choice – to bill your callers per call (instead of per minute). To stay competitive with other pay per call numbers in the industry, you should come up with a reasonable price to charge.

Besides setting you up with a pay per call phone line, unique number, and charging your customers for you, PayPerCall can also show you how to advertise your business online via SEO, social media, classified ads, and directories to help you grow the number of your returning callers.

PayPerCall operates in a growing phone line industry – thousands of people are picking up their phone every day and paying for different services. Our phone lines are very cost-effective to set up and are scalable to stay on track with your business growth. Get started today!

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