Time is Money

Why you should be charging for your telephone calls today

Let’s face it the saying “Time is money” is very accurate, today more than ever. It’s best not to ignore it if you have been doing so because your time is limited, and valuable.  Whether it’s for business or pleasure, everyone knows that lost time costs you money as each second goes by….tick tock, tick tock.

One of the problems we solve with a Pay Per Call line is that traditionally it’s been very easy for people, or outside forces to take up much of this valuable, and scarce resource called “time”. With a little restructuring and great automation we can show you how to turn your time into what it’s really worth, lot’s of paid phone calls! Whether your running your business yourself, or hiring workers to take calls as you expand – we can show you how to make the most of your time, and get paid for it!

The fact is you, your ideas, and services are very valuable to many. You need to have the confidence that what “you” offer can make you standout. You may not realize this but hundreds of thousands of people each day are picking up the phone, and paying for live or pre-recorded phone services. The Pay Per Call industry has been growing with the advant of powerful services such as ours,  that continue to make billing callers easier, and very cost effective to setup. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  It’s time to stop giving away free services to people who are gaining your expertise, or knowledge without paying you. It’s common for people to either be too generous with their time, or afraid to ask for the sale. Remember, once you have a Pay Per Call line setup – you can then start turning those time wasters into big money earners! Saving time is making you more money because you can now refocus on those who are willing to pay you. Simply letting them know that you’re a business, and you offer a valuable service for a fee is all that it takes. No more freebies. You can still certainly be very helpful, demonstrate that you’re a valuable service by going the extra mile, however it’s time to let people know that your services cost money!  You’re better off gaining more of your valuable time with a no, or a yes than with people who continue to take up too much of your time and stall decisions.

Charging for telephone calls using a Pay Per Call line opens up many opportunities to  increase your revenue:

  1. Shows your customers, and prospects that your service is worth paying for.
  2. Turns costly information seekers into paying customers because you have a very easy way to bill them.
  3. Gains more respect as people will begin to value your time, and energy spent on there behalf.
  4. People are simply willing to pay for reliable services which they get something useful in return.
  5. Paid calls often lead to long term relationships from repeat customers, not just for phone calls but Pay Per Call lines can open up other money making opportunities.

So get serious, and stop losing time and money on your most precious resource.. “Time” and start getting paid by the minute or by the call. PayPerCall.com can help you efficiently turn your telephone calls into revenue today. We can help you reach new and existing clients effectively so repeat calls come in continously. We’ve got the billing system in place, the platform that manages the calls, the real-time reports that keeps track of the revenue, and a powerful easy to use admin area that gives you the control you deserve.

Whether you have a new business idea, or an existing business – PayPerCall.com is always happy to assist you with top rated support and guidance. Our number priority is Turning Your Telephone Calls into Profits. Get started today, on your way to new and profitable revenue stream.


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