4 Reasons Why a Pay Per Call Line is a Perfect Fit for the Self-Employed

Self-employed people need to be flexible and able to plan. They are self-motivated initiators who can recognize opportunities and pursue them. There are no managers to tell them what to do, so everything is on them. All this means that their work efficiency and productivity must be maximized. If there’s something that can be outsourced or done with less effort then why not seize the opportunity.

A Pay Per Call line can give you higher conversion for less effort. If you’re self-employed and own a consulting business (business, financial, or medical,) provide technical support, or run a psychic, advice, sports, stock or investment lines, you should take a look at these four ways a Pay Per Call line can make things easier for you.

1. No Worries about Declined Charges

When callers use a Pay-Per-Call number, their calls are redirected to an automatic system that asks them to enter their debit or credit card information. You don’t have to worry about declined charges because the funds are authorized immediately. Once that happens, their calls get routed to the right place for the call to continue. The clock starts when the caller begins speaking to a live person or listening to a pre-recorded message. The minutes are tabulated when the call ends and billed to the caller’s card. Maintaining positive cash flow is of utmost importance for any business. There’s no need to be anxious about late payments because there won’t be any.

2. It’s Easy to Set Everything Up

Any other type of business requires tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started. A Pay-Per-Call line business requires no more than $1,000. There are no investors or loans which make everything a lot more complicated and more laborious. With PayPerCall.com service, you need to pay a one-time setup fee of $599. After that, you pay a monthly fee that includes billing, hosting, programming, software, line maintenance, customer support, and real-time tracking. Just record main greeting for your callers, and you’re ready.

3. You Choose the Price for Your Services

Yes, the choice is yours -you can choose the price you want, or choose an amount that’s currently an industry standard. A part of the sum you earn goes to the provider (whether you decide to go on a per call or per minute plan,) while the rest is yours and you receive it each month.

4. Time-Saving Conversations

There’s no need to sit inside all day waiting for the phone to start ringing. On the other hand, you don’t want to have your customers waiting, do you? With Pay-Per-Call line, callers can speak live or listen pre-recorded messages that are available to them when they have the time to listen. Also, they can opt to speak to an operator (live one-to-one conversation.) You can also set a maximum time for each call.

If you’re self-employed, setting up a Pay-Per-Call line is great because it’s an excellent time-saver, it’s easy to set it up, it gives you the flexibility when it comes to pricing, relieves you from worries regarding non-paying customers. You will then watch your profits grow while your customers will have an added benefit of doing business with you.

If you’re trying to figure out how to set up a Pay-Per-Call line, reach out to PayPerCall.com, and we will help you bring your phone line system in place.


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