How to Make Money Charging for Live Psychic Line Readings by Phone

Psychic phone readings have been around for a very long time. In short, a psychic reading is an attempt by a person with high-perception abilities to try and discern unknown information about various people or situations.

These heightened levels of perception are, basically, the natural extension of the human senses such as sight, sound, taste, and touch, plus instinct. These extensions are known as Clairvoyance (vision), Clairsentience (feeling), Claircognizance (factual knowing) and Clairaudience (hearing).

Traditionally, live psychic readings are performed at various fairs or from the privacy of the reader’s home – where people would either make an appointment or take the walk-in approach. But in more recent times, however, live psychic readings have also been performed over the phone, and with resounding success, mind you.

Live Pay Per Call Psychic Readings

A Psychic Pay Per Call line is a service where customers call you for a reading and where you charge them for that call. At, however, you can customize your client’s billing options by choosing a flat rate, per minute, or a combination of both. Every time a customer will call your Pay Per Call line, they will be asked to provide their credit or debit card information and will be automatically billed for the duration of the call. At the end of the month, you will receive your payment either as a direct deposit or check.

Your estimated earnings will depend on several factors including the average number of daily calls you receive, the average duration of a call, and the amount you’ve chosen to charge by the minute. If, for instance, you select a $2.99 per minute billing plan, have roughly five calls per day, and average call duration of about 25 minutes, your monthly earnings will be somewhere around $7,500. That’s over $90,000 per year!

Initial Investments

If you decide to place Pay Per Calls at the core of your psychic reading business, you will not need to invest too much into an office, since your interactions with clients will only happen over the phone. It also means that you can work from pretty much anywhere you wish – as long as there is a phone signal or a landline – setting your hours, as you see fit. And since you are working primarily over the phone, national and international markets are open to your psychic reading services.

There is no need for any specialized equipment, other than a functioning phone (mobile or landline,) as we will redirect all calls directly to you. If your business does exceptionally well, you can always add extra lines whenever you wish. Our lines can handle up to 99 simultaneous calls at a time. All in all, your initial investment should not exceed $1,000, and the setup will not take more than 24 hours.

Probably your biggest challenge will come in the form of promotion. Like with every new business nowadays, marketing and brand recognition are a must. Even if this is a more complicated and more time-consuming process, will help with promotional support, free of charge. It’s in our best interest to see your business succeed, after all.


Either as a side service to complement your already-established stream of revenue or as a standalone business, in and of itself, Pay Per Call Live Psychic Readings are a lucrative avenue. If you’re interested, is the way to go.


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