5 Reasons Why You Should Setup a Psychic Line

Psychic readings, in various forms and practices, have existed as early as human civilization, itself. In more recent times, however, the readings were practiced at various fairs or within the reader’s home. People, drawn by the supernatural, would make an appointment with the psychic reader and would visit them.

Today, however, live psychic readings are given over the phone for the benefit and convenience of everyone involved. When a person is interested in getting one such reading, they will call your psychic line phone service on your 0800 number, and charged for that call.

You can customize charges, either as a flat rate, per minute, or even a combination of both. Callers are required to provide their credit card information and billed automatically. The number of calls you receive, the amount you charge, and the duration of the call determine your total earnings. The point is that as long as you will be talking on the phone, you will be earning money. Here are other reasons for setting up your psychic line.

Inexpensive and Smooth Setup

Setting up a psychic line business could not be more comfortable or low-cost. As far as the equipment is concerned, all you need is one or more working telephones. The rest, namely billing, redirecting calls, reporting, and we at PayPerCall.com will handle everything else in between. What’s more, you’ll have your business up and running in less than a day. In all, the total setup cost should not exceed $1,000.

No Need for a Physical Location

Since this business is conducted solely over the phone, there is no need for a brick and mortar office space. Most, if not all of the operation can be performed from the comfort of your home (like in the old days) but without the hassle of people coming in and out on a constant basis.

Additionally, factor in all the savings from rent, utility, insurance, and other such maintenance costs – let alone any office supplies. The average office space pays a $100 to $1,000 monthly rent per employee, utilities cost about $2 per square foot, while the furniture and basic office supplies can eat up as much as 10% of a start-up’s initial budget.

Possibility for Rapid Expansion

As time passes and your psychic line business gains notoriety, you most likely will end up receiving more calls than you can handle. In that case, you will need to hire more psychics to accommodate the demand. As is the fact with many businesses around the world, the possibility for scalability and rapid expansion is not possible. Luckily, yet, with a psychic line, however, more lines (up to a total of 99) can be added at a moment’s notice.

National Reach

Having the possibility to reach a wide audience is not a problem with a psychic line business. Since everything conducts over the phone, there are very few limitations to how many people you can reach as boundaries disappear.

You are the Boss

Last but not least, by setting up a psychic line, you will be the boss. You can do what you enjoy doing and exercise your talent. You will set your rates and hours and work from pretty much anywhere.


With PayPerCall.com, your dream of becoming a psychic will become a reality. No special equipment needed, you can work from home, and have a team of professionals guiding you every step of the way. What’s more, we will also provide you with ongoing marketing support, free of charge. Do not hesitate and contact us today!

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