Making Money Offering Tarot Readings by Phone

Offering tarot readings via a telephone can be a side job or a full-time job, depending on your ambitions and current work status. If you enjoy reading tarot cards, then it can be a rewarding way to spend a few hours on weekends or afternoons after your regular day job. After getting better at your readings, not needing to look up meanings in a book, learn to trust your intuition, and receive useful feedback – you can consider the possibility to grow your business and start earning a living with tarot.

If you’re a beginner, it’s important not to expect too much. Besides launching your first Pay Per Call line to be able to receive calls, here’s what you should pay attention to turn your tarot hobby into a business.

Build Your Tarot Reading Skills

As with any business, you need to be skillful with your tools. There are 78 cards in a tarot card deck, and you need to understand what each of them means. If you’re one of those people who can give an accurate psychic or intuitive reading straight away, then you’re a natural talent and keep on with that. Others will have to learn the cards’ meaning as well as what they could mean in the context of a client’s situation or question. Find courses, websites, and books online, and start from there.


The best tarot card readers have excellent communication skills. You need to practice to speak confidently and fluently, or you won’t be that successful as a phone tarot reader. Adopt a friendly tone and positive voice to instill comfort in your callers, and set the tone for the whole conversation. Also, clear enunciation will allow your callers to understand what is being said to them. You know what it’s like talking to someone who uses overly complicated words or rushes through their words.


Tarot readers should be aware of how their clients are feeling to be able to handle their emotional reactions. Sometimes, clients like the experience of someone listening to their problems. In a sense, tarot reading is similar to counseling.

Set Your Boundaries

You need to have your code of ethics that will determine your boundaries. You should display a code of ethics on your website or record a message to play before a phone call. For example, explain that you don’t offer medical advice because you are not qualified for it, that you’ll not knowingly read for persons under the age of 18, and that you will keep your clients’ reading and information confidential. You’re free to create your code of ethics.

Launch Your Tarot Business from Home

For a tarot reading phone business, you will need a room where you won’t be interrupted. A great addition would be to create a friendly atmosphere – an environment that calms you, and that will set the tone for your work. PayPerCall can help you set up your first phone line. You can set your working hours and choose whether you’ll charge by the minute or for each call. Once you grow your tarot phone line business, so it starts generating a lot of calls, you can hire other tarot readers to work for you. PayPerCall can set up more phone lines (up to 99), so you can leave your tarot phone line open 24/7 to maximize your profit.

For more information about setting up your Pay Per Call line, feel free to contact PayPerCall. We are here to help you build a business and be your boss, as we take care of everything from setting up a phone line to billing your customers and line maintenance.

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