How Social Influencers Are Generating Revenue with a Pay Per Call Line

Social influencers are a perfect example of how you can make money by creating and growing your brand. There’s a lot of buzz around the value that social influencers can deliver to their followers as well as to brands that employ them for marketing assistance. You’ve probably scrolled through your Instagram and Facebook feed and noticed people who have reached stunning success by establishing themselves as thought leaders in a particular industry.

Their success wasn’t overnight, because they worked hard to establish and build their personal brand. They manage to generate revenue by being brand ambassadors, through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, co-creating physical products, digital products, etc.

Fan Hotlines are also becoming a very popular form of Pay Per Call line for influencers, and celebrities to promote a call in line for fans on Social Media such as Instagram and Twitter. If you’re a social influencer operating within an industry based on providing value through knowledge or experience, such as life coaching, counseling, advice, support, or advising on specific issues, you can also generate revenue through your Pay Per Call line.

Establish and Maintain Your Personal Brand

Each social influencers path is unique, but there are some common steps you can take to establish and grow your brand.

  • Develop a Unique Story

It is crucial to developing a powerful personal brand. What makes you unique? What will make your followers want to connect with you? People connect with compelling stories that they can relate to on an emotional level. Share a personal part of you to cultivate trust.

  • Establish Your Personal Brand

Once you have your story, it’s time to turn it into a recognizable brand and start building a community around it. Create a website with work examples and samples, tell your audience who you are and how you can be contacted. That’s where you should add your Pay Per Call line number. Be active in communities, support the work of your peers, and connect. Provide valuable content to your followers, help them by sharing knowledge and advice, and they will acknowledge you as a thought leader.

  • Turn It into Work

The next step is to start offering your advice as a service. Get to know your audience and address their pain points. There are people out there who are willing to pay for your help and services. Leverage the community you’ve built, ask them to share your offerings with their peers, and they’ll support you.

Remember: It’s Not about Selling

Don’t be too salesy because it will probably produce an adverse effect. It’s all about making yourself available to your peers and clients. Stay active on the social media network of your choice, and balance your social media presence with personal updates and business-related updates.

Establish a Pay Per Call Phone Line

It is the easiest step in the entire process. Establishing a Pay Per Call line requires no equipment or installation. PayPerCall will set up your 800- phone line and bill your callers before the call prompting them to enter their debit or credit card info. The total minutes will be calculated at the completion of the call. Pay Per Call takes care of the software, billing, hosting, programming, and customer support, so all you have to do is focus on providing your services.

As a social influencer, you have managed to build your brand. The best thing about it is that it’s not bound solely to the Internet. Expand your business by adding a Pay Per Call line, and allow your followers and fans to reach out and speak to you directly. It’s one of the best ways to show the human side of your business, which is one of the top reasons for people to connect with a social influencer.

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