5 Popular and Cost-Effective Ways to Promote Your Pay Per Call Line

Promoting your pay per call business doesn’t mean having to spend a lot of cash. In fact, there are cheap and even free ways that you can advertise your pay per call business.

Get more clients the smart and cost-effective way. Here are 5 ways to bring attention to your pay per call line and help you get more clients:

  1. Bumper Stickers

Anyone who has been stuck in traffic can tell you the power of bumper stickers. As you sit there waiting for the light to turn green, you notice all the stickers on the cars in front of you. With bumper stickers promoting your business, it’s like having mini billboards that are mobile and can be seen by anyone on the streets. Pass your bumper stickers around to all your family and friends. They can stick them anywhere – from their cars to their laptops to their notebooks. Partner with a local non-competitor business who can pass out your stickers to their customers.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Promoting your pay per call line on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat is a great way to build your brand and gain the attention of a wider audience. You can invite people to call your pay per call line via Tweets, posts, and video content. The best part is that social media content is shareable which means reaching an even bigger audience with every share.

  1. Business Cards

Business cards are cheap to make and are still effective marketing tools. Give them to family and friends to pass out. Go to events where you have the opportunity to network. Make sure you bring plenty of your business cards to pass out.

  1. Print Advertising

Advertising in newspapers is much more affordable now depending on the publication. If you cater to a specific niche, you will want to advertise in a publication you know your target audience reads. Despite assumptions that print advertising is dead because of the rise in digital platforms, print advertising is still relevant and in fact, highly respected and most importantly, targeted.

  1. YouTube

Having a YouTube account is like having your own channel on TV except online. Create videos of yourself that show the kind of service you can deliver via phone. Videos don’t have to mean that you have to face the camera, your voice can still be the star of the video just as it would be when your clients give you a call. An idea of a good video to promote your business would be a still image of your Pay Per Call line number accompanied by audio of you explaining the service you offer.

If you’re hesitant to get started on a pay per call business because of what you assume it will cost a lot to promote, know that not only can you advertise cost-effectively but that pay per call line providers such as PayPerCall will even help you with your marketing.

PayPerCall wants you to succeed and will assist you with ongoing advertising support. They will provide resources and advice because they’re vested in your line’s business. See for yourself when you sign up for your PayPerCall line today.

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