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How to Start an Adult Line and Hire Operators to Take Your Calls

The phone sex industry was plentiful during the 90s, and if you are old enough, you probably remember the 1-900 adult line commercials. The phone sex industry is alive and well, but more importantly – it is still pretty profitable. People from all walks of life – from college students to full-time office workers – turn to phone sex operations to make some extra money. If you are a phone sex operator yourself and are thinking about starting your adult phone sex line, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Setting Up an Adult Phone Line

Some while ago, you started working as an adult line operator to earn some extra cash. After a while, you got experienced and learned everything about the adult line industry and how it works. Phone sex operators can get paid up to $35 per hour, but again, a part of those profits goes to the company. If you would operate the adult line yourself as an independent adult operator, you could make a lot more.

The first thing to do is to set up a phone line. PayPerCall can help you get going for only the initial cost of $599. There’s no need for any additional equipment or worries about maintenance. After setting up, you’ll pay no more than the fee for our maintenance and billing services. The majority of your profit stays with you while we do all the billing and pay you out monthly.

With the right promotion tactics (which we can help you with), you’ll start receiving many calls that you might not be able to handle yourself. There’s no problem with that because we can add up to 99 numbers to your adult business in merely minutes. How much you charge per call or per minute depends solely on you.

Hiring Operators

Scaling your adult line business is a piece of cake with PayPerCall. You decide whether you want to get an office or have your operators work from home. Put out job adverts on the Internet and in relevant printed media. Meet up with potential adult phone operators and conduct job interviews. Take them through all the work details, contract, how you operate, and so on. Ask them whether they are familiar with a wide range of sexual fetishes and topics.

The most important part of the phone sex business is to have returning clients, so it’s essential for your operators to know how to interact with them. Most of the profits in a phone sex business comes from people who call you daily, so it’s vital to start building an ongoing relationship. They should know how to add a personal touch at the end of each conversation because it’s what develops a relationship.

Sign up with PayPerCall if you’re ready to launch your adult line business! For someone experienced (both with the work and the phone sex industry), there’s no reason to keep paying a significant percentage to your employer. Launch a phone line, grow the number of callers, keep most of your earned profits, and scale your business up by hiring extra operators to take your calls.

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