How to Get a Pay Per Minute Phone Number

Setting up a pay per minute phone line can be turned into a lucrative business if you are an expert in your field of work. Launching a phone line business comes with a myriad of advantages – it is straightforward and easy to set up. People are always in search of information needed to solve their problems, and they are willing to pick up the phone and pay for it. That’s what makes 800 pay per call numbers so popular.

Advice, psychic readings, counseling, consulting, legal advice, sports, and life coaching – all of these can be done over the phone without even having to leave your house. PayPerCall is a phone line provider that offers to set up your phone line with a unique number as well as great flexibility and scalability for growing your phone line business. If you are wondering how you can get a pay per minute phone number, keep reading.

Getting Your Phone Line is Simple and Straightforward

After you have decided the type of phone line business you want to start, contact PayPerCall to come and set you up with your first pay per minute phone line. You will have to pay a one-time setup fee that includes an 800-number with one forwarding number, and that will cost you only $599.

After paying the initial setup fee, PayPerCall will only charge you a monthly maintenance fee that covers customer support, real-time tracking, billing, hosting, software, programming, and maintenance. You have the freedom of setting the amount you want to charge per minute as well as to set up a welcome message to your callers.

PayPerCall Will Help You Get on Your Feet

We don’t see ourselves as just another phone company because we offer a lot more. With years of experience, we have grown to build a company that provides everything you need to run a smooth, successful, and reliable phone line business. Our team of experts is here to help you with advertising, provide one-on-one support, and handle the billing process for you. Our technology and telephone billing programs are the latest state-of-the-art tools that allow us to do all the work for you. As a business owner, all you need to do is talk to your clients and get paid every month.

The pay per call and pay per minute applications we have developed over the years can be used in any industry. Our clients get their online call reports that allow them to see how much money they are earning.

We have more than 22 years of experience in the pay per call industry and are here to show you that getting your pay per minute phone number is really that easy. Our phone programs are of high quality and can handle all your traffic needs. In case of sudden growth, we can set you up with as much additional phone lines as you need (up to 99 total), so you can hire more phone operators and build your company.

Contact PayPerCall today because now is the best time to get started!

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