Why and How to Convert Your Free Tech Support to a Paid Tech Support Line

We have witnessed to see many new communication channels emerge, and which companies use to communicate with their customers. Email, social media, messaging apps, and chatbots are today used for maintaining touch with customers and provide them with 24/7 support. Enterprises that sell tech products must have a support line in case their customers encounter any issue regarding the functionality of the product.

Customer expectations have grown, and having an omnichannel support strategy is imperative. However, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about established support channels, such as a telephone line. It’s an indispensable channel that remains to be one of the most used and preferred methods for reaching tech support teams. But did you know that you can turn your tech support line into an additional stream of revenue? Here are our reasons for why and ways for how to make it happen.

Why Convert to a Paid Tech Support Line?

  1. You work alone or with a small team. It is the casual approach to tech support service that doesn’t focus on it as a core offering. In this case, tech support is an additional service to your existing customer base. Your business is not large enough, or you don’t have enough personnel who will sit around and wait to pick up the phone. You’re around doing your work, planning, strategizing, and consulting. You can catch up with tech inquiries when you’re at your desk. If you receive just a few calls per week, you can bill it accordingly and have a peace of mind that even this task is financially beneficial and worthwhile.
  2. Tech support is your core service. Businesses that take their phone tech support as a primary core service can see this model as profitable. By moving to a full support service, customers can benefit from instant tech support while the business can charge a specific rate. That way, the business will raise the value of their services. It can come as an additional stream of revenue and relieve the key people in the organization to focus on other important business aspects.
  3. You’ll be able to hire more employees. There are times when you’re infatuated with a lot of calls during a day. On the other hand, these calls are important for top-notch customer experience and the successful operation of your business. By charging for these calls, you won’t hurt your bottom line and will have more funds to invest into a proper tech support team that will handle all the calls.

How to Establish a Paid Tech Support Line

PayPerCall can help you set up your tech support line in no time so you can start charging for support. You don’t need any special equipment or installation. We provide a fully automated phone payment system that charges your clients in real-time, as well as flexible billing options that allow you to charge by the minute or per call (or combination of both.)

Let us help you build a positive customer experience and improve your customer retention rate. Contact PayPerCall for more information about setting up your first paid technical support line.

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