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Earning Money By The Minute or Call with your very own 900 Number Pay Per Call Line!

Could your business use a dedicated pay per call telephone line to increase its revenue stream? Are you looking for a new business that is automated and generates lots of cash?

Setting up a 900 number is one of the best ways to generate money although it is an often overlooked revenue stream. It may seem like a complicated process to get a 900 number for our existing business or to start a new telephone business, but the fact is that setting up a 900 number is quite simple.

900 numbers are not just for the Adult and Psychic industry. While these are some of the most profitable markets, many industries such as tech support, advice, business consulting, sports betting, legal information, and financial and investment advice all use 900 numbers to give clients the information they need at a profit.

Setting up a 900 number is easy. There are many solutions available that streamline the process. 900 number packages can include billing, computer software, customer support, and hosting. You can choose the way you want your calls set up, where you want them forwarded to, and how much you charge.

Calls can be billed by the minute or by the call depending on your needs. Billing is taken care of by your provider and customers are billed directly to their phone bill or pay by credit card. You receive payments once a month for the previous month’s activity.

Depending on the type of service you offer, you can either have a live operator answer your calls or have callers hear a pre recorded message. You do not need to have any special phone lines or equipment no matter which option you choose. Your 900 number service bureau will be able to forward your calls to any phone number in the U.S. from your office to your cell so your customers can always be connected with a live person. If you choose to play a pre recorded message you can create a menu with different options for your callers all without having to purchase any special equipment or software. You can change your recorded messages and menu options as often as you like.

900 number service is available from many companies. They make it easy to add pay per call telephone lines to your existing business or start a new telephone based business. If you have considered either, check out the many pay per call and 900 number options available to you. is the leading provider of 800 and 900 number billing solutions. We specialize in helping business and consumers use the telephone to bill per minute or per call. Visit us on the web for more details at:

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